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I just HAD to post this! And here was me thinking drug cartels are all bad!

COLONIA LEBARON, Mexico – Mormon pioneer Alma Dayer LeBaron had a vision when he moved his breakaway sect of polygamists to this valley 60 years ago: His many children would live in peace and prosperity among the pretty pecan orchards they would plant in the desert.

Prosperity has come, but the peace has been shattered.

In the past three months, American Mormon communities in Mexico have been sucked into a dust devil of violence sweeping the borderlands. Their relative wealth has made them targets: Their telephones ring with threats of extortion. Their children and elders are taken by kidnappers. They have been drawn into the government’s war with the drug cartels. //

This month, a leader of their colony was abducted by heavily armed men dressed as police, then beaten and shot dead 10 minutes from town. Benjamin LeBaron, 31, whom everyone called Benji, had dared to denounce the criminals, while refusing to pay a $1 million ransom demanded by kidnappers who had grabbed his teen-age brother from a family ranch in May.

Amid the blood and mesquite at the site of his last breath, Benjamin LeBaron’s killers posted a sign that read: “This is for the leaders of LeBaron who didn’t believe and who still don’t believe.”

“We’re living in a war zone, but it’s a war zone with little kids running all around in the yard,” said Julian LeBaron, a brother of the slain leader. Like most members of the Mormon enclave, he has dual Mexican-American citizenship and speaks Spanish and English fluently.

These Mormons, some who swear and drink beer, are the latest collateral damage in the Mexican government’s U.S.-backed war against criminal organizations.

Here in Chihuahua, the border state south of Texas and New Mexico, conditions are rapidly deteriorating. The violence has left more than 1,000 dead in Ciudad Juarez this year, even though the government has sent 10,000 troops and police officers into the city.

Increasingly the violence is moving from the big cities into the small, usually placid farm towns of the rugged desert mountains. Criminal bands have ambushed the governor’s convoy along the highway, and they have assassinated local police at stop lights and political leaders at will. Gunmen executed the mayor of Namiquipa last week.

“The northeast of Chihuahua is now a zone of devastation,” said Victor Quintana, a state lawmaker, who reports an exodus of business people fleeing kidnappers and farmers refusing to plant their crops because of extortion.

The columnist Alberto Aziz Nassif wrote in El Universal newspaper, “Chihuahua today is the emblem of a failed state, run by incompetent authorities who have little ability to protect the citizens.”

Many of the Mormons have fled north to the United States, and Julian LeBaron said he fears for his life. He has reason. In Ciudad Juarez, a three-hour drive to the north, hand-painted banners were hung from overpasses last week threatening the extended clan.

“All we want to do is live in peace. We want nothing to do with the drug cartels. They can’t be stopped. What we want is just to protect ourselves from being kidnapped and killed,” said Marco LeBaron, a college student who came home for the funeral of his brother, the slain anti-crime activist. Marco LeBaron is one of 70 Mormons who have volunteered to join a rural police force to protect the town. The Mexican government has given them permission to arm themselves.

For all the violence swirling around them, the Mormons have mostly stayed out of the fight. Their ancestors first settled in Mexico in the 1880s, during the reign of dictator Porfirio Diaz, who offered the religious outcasts refuge from the harassment and prosecution they faced in the United States for their polygamist lifestyles. Some men in Colonia LeBaron and surrounding towns continue to follow what early Mormon prophets called “the Principle,” marrying multiple wives and having dozens of children, though the custom here is fading. Polygamy was banned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, the official Mormon Church, in 1890.

The Mormon community based in Colonia LeBaron, numbering about 1,000, has one motel, two grocery stores and lots of schools. There are no ATMs and no liquor sales. Many Mormons are conspicuous not only for their straw-colored hair and pale skin, but also for their new pickup trucks, large suburban-style homes with green front lawns, and big tracts of land for their pecans and cattle. They are wealthy, by the standards of their poor Mexican neighbors. Most of the Mormon men make their money working construction jobs in the United States; a young Mormon might work 10 years hanging drywall in Las Vegas before he has enough money to buy a plot of land to start his own pecan orchard here.

The Mormons were dragged into the drug fight on May 2, when 16-year-old Eric LeBaron and a younger brother were hauling a load of fence posts in their truck to their father’s ranch in the Sierra Madre. According to the family’s account, five armed men seized Eric and told his brother to run home and tell his father to answer the telephone. When the kidnappers called, they told Joel LeBaron that if he ever wanted to see Eric again, he must pay them $1 million.

The next day, 150 men gathered at the church house in Colonia LeBaron to debate what to do. They had no confidence in the local police. One of their members, Ariel Ray, the mayor of nearby Galeana, reminded them that someone had put an empty coffin in the bed of his pickup. Some men argued that they should hire professional bounty hunters from the United States to get Eric back. Others wanted to form a posse.

“But we knew the last thing we could do was give them the money, or we would be invaded by this scum,” Julian LeBaron said.

Another brother, Craig LeBaron, told the Deseret News in Salt Lake City: “If you give them a cookie, they’ll want a glass of milk. If we don’t make a stand here, it’s only a matter of time before it’s my kid.”

A caravan of hundreds of the LeBaron Mormons, along with Mennonites and others, went to the state capital to protest the crime. This kind of public advocacy is almost unheard of among the Mexican Mormons, who keep to themselves. Led by Benjamin LeBaron, the protesters met with the governor and state attorney general, who quickly dispatched helicopters, police and soldiers to the area. The government forces erected roadblocks and searched the countryside.

Eric LeBaron was freed eight days after his abduction. His kidnappers simply told him to go home. But soon after, another member of the community, Meredith Romney, a 72-year-old bishop related to former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, was taken captive. The state governor sent Colombian security consultants to LeBaron. The Mormons, led by an increasingly public and outspoken Benjamin LeBaron, formed a group called SOS Chihuahua to organize citizens to defend themselves, report crimes and demand results from authorities. LeBaron was featured prominently in the local media. He gave a speech to a graduating class of police cadets. He staged rallies. He got noticed.

Early on July 7, four trucks loaded with men passed through a highway tollbooth, where they were recorded on videotape outside Galeana, where Benjamin LeBaron lived in a sprawling, new stucco home with his wife and five young children. Two trucks stopped at the cemetery outside town and waited. Two pickup trucks filled with 15 to 20 heavily armed men, wearing helmets, bulletproof vests and blue uniforms, came for LeBaron.

They smashed in his home’s windows and shouted for him to open the door, as his terrified children cried inside, according to an account given by his brothers. LeBaron’s brother-in-law Luis Widmar, 29, who lived across the street, heard the commotion and ran to his aid. Both men were beaten by the gunmen, who threatened to rape LeBaron’s wife in front of her children unless the men revealed where LeBaron kept his arsenal of weapons.

“But he didn’t have any, because I promise you, if he did, he would have used them to protect his family,” Julian LeBaron said.

LeBaron and Widmar were shot in the head outside town. A banner was hung beside their bodies that blamed them for the arrest of 25 gunmen who were seized in June after terrorizing the town of Nicolas Bravo, where they burned down buildings and extorted from business owners. According to Mexican law enforcement officials, the gunmen are members of the Sinaloa drug cartel, which is fighting the Juarez cartel for billion-dollar cocaine-smuggling routes into El Paso.

After the men killed LeBaron and Widmar, a video camera captured their departure at the highway tollbooth – the make, model and year of their vehicles and the license numbers, according to family members. There have been no arrests.

Who killed Benji LeBaron – and why? These questions are difficult to answer in Mexico’s drug war, and the unknowns fuel the fear of those left in Colonia LeBaron.

The state attorney general, Patricia Gonzalez, blamed the group La Linea, the Line, the armed enforcement wing of former police officers and gunmen that works for the Juarez cartel. A few months ago, Gonzalez said La Linea was an exhausted remnant of dead-enders whose ranks had been decimated by infighting and arrests.

After Gonzalez said the Juarez cartel was responsible for the killings, banners appeared in Ciudad Juarez that read: “Mrs. Prosecutor, avoid problems for yourself, and don’t blame La Linea.” The message stated that the LeBaron killings were the work of the Sinaloa cartel. On Wednesday, another banner was hung from an overpass, suggesting that Benji LeBaron was a thief: “Ask yourself where did all his properties come from?”

At the LeBaron funeral, attended by more than 2,000 people, including the Chihuahua state governor and attorney general, Benji’s uncle Adrian LeBaron said, “The men who murdered them have no children, no parents, no mother. They are the spawn of evil.”

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Do you ever find yourself wondering “what the fuck happened to  to my life and how did it get so bad?”  Well if you are sitting in front of your computer right now and have no clue what to do or where to go with your life then look no further cause this just might impact who you are and what you do, and in the end get you on the enriched path of success.  My advice for you is simple, DON’T GET A SELF-HELP BOOK  cause all they do is mind fuck you and get you to become the annoying the friend that everyone in your circle talks about when they see that annoying person coming their way.  You may say “I don’t fucking do that, I am a kindly saint that loves everyone”.  May I just say BULLSHIT, and in the immortal words of Dane Cook “then your that friend”.  So to recap what you just read, NO SELF-HELP BOOKS!  Seeing your self actualization will only rip you to shreds and make you hate yourself even more.

One thing you must never do is ask your friends that you rarely see cause they are only your work friends unless you have no friends aside from your work relations- which in turn makes you the saddest human being on Earth.  Ask those you confide in cause a true friend will stick closer to you than your brother, (hence  the term BROMANCE).  But never go to a friend who you have classified as a drinking buddy or someone you would get high with, although both may loosen you up and make you feel like you have no regrets it’ll get you nowhere except lesser cash in your wallet or maybe even ass-raped by someone on the streets.  Thnk about it, I haven’t.

One thing you could to help yourself is to try and read the Bible, now I know what you are thinking “why would I read that?” cause the Bible has everything- war, sex, rape, death, funny thing is it also has a portion about masturbation but you have to read it closely to understand impending on which version you are reading.  But alas, the Bible will also bring you closer to God, now I don’t want to offend the non-religious ones who are reading this at the moment, so I ask… have I offended you?  Well then, suck it up, grow a pair, rub some dirt in it!  What are you?  A pussy-willow!?

You could also go out and experience life till you find your calling, dance in the moonlight at the bonfire on a beach, have random sex on a Euro-trip with hot men and sexy women, ride your bike without a helmet through on-coming traffic.  Shove ice cream into people’s faces.  Lick the Freedom Bell!  You can do anything you desire yourself to- well almost anything, we got to be real here, we were always told growing up that “you can be anything you want to be Billy”.  Billy is not my name, and as you can easily see Silvanemesis is a nom de plume.

Whatever you do do it well, do it better than those before you, if someone did something you want to take a whack at it try to outshine them in every single way- well just as long as that person you are trying to outshine isn’t a rapist or serial killer.  I don’t want someone to ass-rape me cause I will dial 9-11 and the Operator says “9-11, what is your emergency?” and my response is me screaming “I am being raped up the ass and it hurts, I’m bleeding!!!”  Cause let’s be serious, they will then tell me the ever so popular line and you know it, the “please hold” cause someone jay-walking is so much more important then my anal virginity.

So what did we learn there in the above paragraph, NOT TO OUTSHINE RAPISTS AND SERIAL KILLERS.  I guess what I am saying here is this, your life is a nothing more than a grain of sand on the shore amidst the pebbles that the waves wash over.  The other grains of sand look to the pebbles saying “Wow, I wish I was one of them, they stick out”.  Be like the pebble and dream big.  If that has still confused you after the “Apple Brown Betty” that was just rubbed up in your face and you yelped out “Eww stinky!”  Then maybe this next stick will get you going.  A ship is magnificient creation by man, it defies the odds, it cuts through the waters at seemingly breakneck speeds, they are rarely viewed as marvelous beauties when they are docked at harbor or lying at anchor, ships are only really majestic at the moments  when they are free, riding the waves with the wind at it’s side.  Be like a ship and don’t care what others think about you or that you haven’t found out your life’s calling.  There might have been some things along the way till now that others might look and say “How the fuck did that person do that?”   Truth is we never really in full detail how good we did it until it was done and people stare in full awe of you.  Be like the words Baz Luhrman wrote in his mind-blowing song that many graduating seniors hear before walking the stage.  So I guess what I am saying is this: get up already and do something, don’t be a whiny bitch cause you only aggravate those around you, do something that doesn’t revolve around you seeing how many new friends you have on your myspace, or downloading porn, put the Will Smith movie on pause cause if you are watching the being of “Seven Pounds” and have no clue upon what is yet to come then your an idiot who can’t see it is so obvious and he intends on offing himself with his pet.  Yes I just took a crack at Will Smith, I mean how many times can he go saving someone’s life in oneof his movies?  And yet it doesn’t stop him, and neither should it to you.  This has been my first blog on here so I hope you liked it.  Seriously, are you still reading at this point?  While maybe I should start talking about that one time that I woke up in Chicago hand-cuffed to a radiator with my pants down at my ankles and a sore ass…

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‘Party’ Drug Could be PTSD Treatment

March 04, 2009
Military.com|by Bryan Mitchell
If you discovered it in your kid’s room there’d be hell to pay. If it appeared in a random urinalysis, it could end your career. And if you told your friends you were considering taking it, they might think you’ve suffered a mid-life crisis.

But a South Carolina psychiatrist and a Harvard-educated researcher are looking for veterans who’ve been through hell and are willing to explore a fresh way of getting past the trauma using a drug long associated with the late-night party crowd.

Ecstasy, clinically known as MDMA and outlawed recreationally for decades, is making a gradual comeback in the medical community as therapists rediscover its therapeutic value – especially in dealing with post traumatic stress disorder.

“I heard about it and I decided to give it a try,” said a former Army Ranger who was one of two veterans who participated in a recent study on the effects of Ecstasy for treating PTSD. “It’s an extremely positive thing. I feel so lucky that I got to take part in the project.

“It’s basically like years of therapy in two or three hours. You can’t understand it until you’ve experienced it.”

Michael Mithoefer, a former emergency room physician turned psychiatrist, and Rick Doblin, who founded an organization to study the role of psychedelic drugs in society, are lobbying the Department of Veterans Affairs to allow veterans suffering from PTSD to take part in their unconventional research.

Mithoefer works with his wife, Ann, out of their Mount Pleasant, S.C., office helping victims of serious trauma overcome their anguish.

With support from Doblin, the couple successfully petitioned the Food and Drug Administration to allow them to test the effects of the drug on people who suffered from PTSD. They recently completed their first round of testing, with promising results.

“This is very exciting for us and I am very hopeful that other people can replicate the results,” Mithoefer said.

“I have to stress that this is a lot different than getting a prescription for MDMA. We don’t see it ever working like that,” Mithoefer added. “You’ll have to take it in specialized clinics. No one will get to take it home.”

In the latest round of testing, 21 patients took the drug a handful of times throughout an extended period of psychiatric treatment. It’s administered under a strict set of conditions and always under close supervision by medical professionals.

Mithoefer and Doblin are not fly-by-night crackpots promising an overnight cure of a serious condition with a magic pill.

“It’s been approved by the FDA and Harvard. We have evidence of its safety and evidence of its efficacy,” Doblin said. “We’ve shown that we can help Soldiers deal with their trauma.”

Medical, military uses

MDMA has an interesting history. Developed by the pharmaceutical firm Merck in 1912, it was widely used in private psychiatric settings in the 1950s and ‘60s. The Army experimented with it briefly in its search for mind control drugs, Doblin said.

It induces feelings of extended euphoria — hence the name ecstasy — as well as heightened awareness and a greater connection to emotions.

But it was embraced by the counter-culture of the late 1960s, and by the 1980s it was competing with cocaine as the most popular party drug. In 1985, the Drug Enforcement Administration had it classified as a “Schedule I” drug, alongside LSD and heroine.

“It was really a shame because we were only beginning to understand its potential for medical treatment” when it was criminalized, Doblin said. “With drugs like this, there is a lot of misconception. … They are like the surgeon’s knife: If they are used properly, they can heal. If they are used poorly, they can kill.”

The research project began with people suffering from PTSD who were victims of crime – rape and childhood sexual abuse were the most common – and only recently expanded to veterans.

The former Army Ranger, who spoke to Military.com on the condition of anonymity because he continues to work for private military contractors, and a former Marine officer were the first veterans to participate.

Both served in Iraq and suffered moderately severe PTSD – re-experiencing the initial trauma, sleeplessness, flashbacks and nightmares – before participating in the program.

“I didn’t want to be part of this ‘Prozac nation.’ I know some of those people and they don’t feel up or down or anything all. They aren’t really living,” the former Ranger said.

“I think it’s especially helpful for Soldiers, or someone who comes from a hard or tough background, because this is just the opposite,” the Ranger said. “It’s a soft, compassionate loving drug. You lie down, listen to some relaxing music and can really connect with your emotions.”

Both Doblin and Mithoefer said they were rebuffed by VA officials when they requested help in recruiting patients for the study. A VA spokeswoman told Military.com the department has no record of requests to treat PTSD patients with MDMA.

But the former Ranger said he’s confident the VA will explore it as an option once word of the treatment’s success spreads.

“For me, I moved past those troubles and on to other things, and I couldn’t have done it without [Mithoefer’s] help,” he said. “If it helps Soldiers like me recover, they’re going to have to look at it seriously.”

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This proves that Americans really are stupid as they show just how uneducated they really are.  We rank in the bottom half of the world when it comes to knowing geography.

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No, a gay man did not fart!  This article is straight from the Department of Defense.  They have been working on a way to increase their military size without calling for an all-out draft.  Their answer, so far, is below:

Defense Department Establishes Civilian Expeditionary Workforce

By Gerry J. Gilmore
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Jan. 27, 2009 – The Defense Department is forming a civilian expeditionary workforce that will be trained and equipped to deploy overseas in support of military missions worldwide, according to department officials.The intent of the program “is to maximize the use of the civilian workforce to allow military personnel to be fully utilized for operational requirements,” according to a Defense Department statement.

Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England signed Defense Department Directive 1404.10, which outlines and provides guidance about the program, on Jan. 23.

Certain duty positions may be designated by the various Defense Department components to participate in the program. If a position is designated, the employee will be asked to sign an agreement that they will deploy if called upon to do so. If the employee does not wish to deploy, every effort will be made to reassign the employee to a nondeploying position.

The directive emphasizes, however, that volunteers be sought first for any expeditionary requirements, before requiring anyone to serve involuntarily or on short notice. Overseas duty tours shall not exceed two years.

Employees in deployable-designated positions will be trained, equipped and prepared to serve overseas in support of humanitarian, reconstruction and, if absolutely necessary, combat-support missions.

The program also is open to former and retired civilian employees who agree to return to federal service on a time-limited status to serve overseas or to fill in for people deployed overseas.

Program participants are eligible for military medical support while serving in their overseas duty station.

All participants will undergo pre- and post-deployment medical testing, including physical and psychological exams.

Defense civilians reassigned from their normal duty to serve overseas will be granted the right to return to the positions they held prior to their deployment or to a position of similar grade, level and responsibility within the same organization, regardless of the deployment length .

Families of deployed Defense Department civilian employees shall be supported and provided with information on benefits and entitlements and issues likely to be faced by the employee during and upon return from a deployment.

Defense civilian employees who participate in the expeditionary program shall be treated with high regard as an indication of the department’s respect for those who serve expeditionary requirements.

Expeditionary program participants’ service and experience shall be valued, respected and recognized as career-enhancing.

Participants who meet program requirements would be eligible to receive the Secretary of Defense Medal for the Global War on Terrorism.

Related Sites:
Defense Department Directive 1404.10

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That’s right kids! According to ancient civilizations such as the Maya and the Egyptians, a catastrophic event is due to occur. And the date is much closer than you think. What’s the date? December 21, 2012. If you don’t know it yet, you’re in for a rude awakening but these ancient civilizations and other well known prophets like Nostradamus predicted that the world might just end on that given date. Why is it a rude awakening? Well, if you’re young, it’s going to suck to find out YOU ONLY HAVE 3 YEARS LEFT! And, if you just happen to be well into old age, well, it should give you comfort knowing YOU LIVED A PRETTY LONG LIFE!

Mind you, how it’ll end, well, who knows. Maybe it’ll be out of natural causes, maybe man-made like nuclear warfare or global warming (that’s right Sarah Palin). There’s so many possibilities. And what creates hysteria and fear in humans is the idea of not knowing. We all hate the unknown. But most of all, we are only finite creatures with a fate and end to meet.

So to “welcome” the end, Hollywood will be releasing a film deservingly titled 2012. This should not be of shock to anyone. Hollywood tries to score a film out of anything! ANYTHING! They did it after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Once again, they’ll make a film on people dying, only this time, it’s 6 billion people!

So I raise the question to you (young and old): If you found out that such an event was going to occur, how would you spend your last days on earth?

And if you want to inform yourself more on the topic, I suggest reading about it here.

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Oh fuck! Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!

The gays in SF must be soooooooo PISSED!

Do I hear the word Boycott?

To read more about the douches at the The_Examiner clicky here, some of the comments are from angry readers:D

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