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So my home country of the UK may have the best New Years celebrations in the world, but I sometimes thing we have the most craziest fuckers in the world too!

The 22-year-old is believed to have carried out the horrifying DIY castration in a bid to change sex.

He waited nearly 24 hours before staggering into hospital. On arriving at accident and emergency, he told stunned staff he had felt “a lot less pain” than he had expected.

He left after being treated with swabs and stitches – and was advised to seek psychiatric help.

A spokesman for Derbyshire’s Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Trust said last night: “A man in his early twenties presented himself at the hospital minus his testicles, which he had removed the previous day.

“He was treated, then discharged from A&E. We can say no more because of patient confidentiality – but this is pretty unusual.”

It is believed the man, who has not been named, was suffering from “gender confusion issues” and may have been attempting a home sex change before hurling his unwanted privates into Queens Park, Chesterfield.

One local said: “It makes your eyes water just thinking about it.

“A few people have stopped walking their dogs in the park for fear of what they’ll dig up.”

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We all have problems at Xmas time trying to find that gift for someone that has everything…well the search is over! Give them E.Coli or Swine Flu, or the common cold…or how about Syphilis?!

GIANTmicrobes® are stuffed animals that look like tiny microbes — only a million times actual size! They’re humorous, educational, and fun!

Each of our GIANTmicrobes® comes with an image and information about the real microbe it represents. They make great learning tools, as well as amusing gifts for anyone with a sense of humor.

Best sellers include: The Common Cold, The Flu, Sore Throat, Stomach Ache, Brain Cell, E. coli, Kissing Disease, Ulcer, Martian Life, Beer & Bread, Black Death, Ebola, Flesh Eating, Sleeping Sickness, Dust Mite, Bed Bug, Bookworm, and many more!

Collect them all!

And E. Coli is soooo cute!

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HUNKY Phys Ed teacher Sam Handley, (GREAT name btw) was suspended yesterday after pupils at his top boys’ grammar found photos of him naked on an gay adult porn website. And we  HAVE THE PICS!

Handley, 25, turned up for lessons at the prestigious The Harvey Grammar School in Folkestone, Kent, unaware the link to the snaps had spread round the school like wildfire.

In one snap he reclines naked on a bed with his legs apart. In another he grabs his manhood through his boxer shorts. His profile describes the teacher as “straight” but “not shy about showing off his body.” It adds: “Mike is new to modelling and works as a PT (physical trainer).”

After being sent home yesterday Handley – still in his PE teacher’s tracksuit bottoms – insisted at his semi in Willesborough, Kent: “I didn’t pose for anything pornographic.”  When the snap of him fondling himself through his boxers was described to him, he declared: “I wouldn’t say that – I was just holding it.”


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In the UK…but can you imagine if this shit went down in the US?! Church leaders would go nuclear!

I am of course going to keep monitoring them, in the hope that they also become the first gay couple to FUCK in the BB house!

There has been plenty of romance over the ten years of Big Brother.

But Charlie Drummond and Rodrigo Lopez broke new barriers when they shared a kiss under the bedsheets.

After weeks of practical jokes, rowing and making up, the two openly homosexual housemates gained the distinction of being the show’s first gay couple when they passionately embraced.

First gay couple: Charlie and Rodrigo embrace under the bed covers on Big BrotherFirst gay couple: Charlie and Rodrigo embrace under the bed covers on Big Brother

In the double bed they were sharing, Rodrigo leant into Charlie before they embraced for a few minutes yesterday morning. (awwwwww!)

The night before the two had shared a bubble bath, where Charlie shaved Brazilian Rodrigo’s legs (shaving his legs…I can think of better things to do with those legs..like demand he rests them on my shoulders!)

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This is going to make every uncut guy that reads this squirm, and probably everyone else too.

A man who gave himself a DIY circumcision using nail clippers was taken to hospital for emergency treatment.

The young man had to be rushed to the Lister Hospital in Stevenage, Hertfordshire. The wound was disinfected to cleanse it before he was given a bed in an observation ward.

“This is something we would advise men never to attempt,” a medic said, (ya think?!) “The results can be quite horrific and long-lasting and have quite an affect on a man’s sexual performance.

“Using a pair of nail clippers must have caused excruciating pain, even if he had had a few drinks beforehand.”


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Whats really fucking freaky about this story, is I used to live near Leeds…I’ve met the guy and I remember an old friend going home with him one night!

Leeds Crown Court today heard that the first winner of Mr Gay UK stabbed a gay man to death beforecutting part of his thigh off and cooking it in olive oil, seasoning it with fresh herbs and eating it.

Anthony Morley, 36, of Bexley Avenue, Leeds denies murdering 33-year-old advertising executive Damian Oldfield. Ironically, Oldfield worked for the company that runs the Mr Gay UK competition.

The court heard that after chewing a piece of Mr Oldfield’s flesh he walked to a nearby takeaway and told staff that he’d killed someone. He told police when he was arrested that someone had tried to rape him

Andrew Stubbs QC for the prosecution told the jury that Mr Moorley was troubled by his sexuality and that he had arranged to meet Oldfield on the the 23rd April and to cook for him.

Mr Stubbs told the court that after sexual activity took place that Mr Moorley then stabbed Oldfield in the throat. “He continued to stab and stab and stab him until he died. Even when he was dead the attack continued until finally Mr Morley cut parts of flesh from the body.”

The prosecuting barrister then told the court: “”From a chopping board on one of the kitchen units, six pieces of cooked flesh, seasoned with fresh herbs and fried in olive oil were recovered. The flesh was human in origin.”

He added: “After Mr Oldfield had died, Mr Morley had cut away a piece of his chest and nipple and then he placed a bank card over the wound.”

The court was told that there was no sign of struggle and that it was possible that the victim was attacked from behind. It was claimed that Mr Morley later went to the takeaway and asked for the police to be called.

Mr Morley was reported to have said to the police: “It’s this lad, he tried to rape me so I stopped him.” When asked how, Mr Morley alledgedly said: “”I’m a chef, how do you think I
stopped him?”

The prosecution claimed that Mr Morley admitted to the police that he had stabbed Mr Oldfield a number of times.

The Morley’s defence counsel, Robert Smith QC, said that his client was guilty of manslaughter but that he may have been provoked and that Mr Morley may have a mental abnoormality.

Oldfield was an employee of All Points North, the company owning ‘Bent’ Magazine, ‘Mission’ Club in Leeds and ironically the ‘Mr Gay UK’ brand.

He worked as an advertising manager for the magazine.

The Mr Gay UK winner received his five minutes of fame in 1993 when he opened a number of gay events and nights.

The competition has been going on in various forms since the eighties. The year that Mr Morley won was the first year that the competition was held with its current name and format.

Colleagues have paid tribute to Oldfield on the internet:-

“Damian had become an integral part of the Sales team and was well liked by all his colleagues for his humour and infectious sense of fun.

“He was always sociable to customers and was busy developing new areas of business for the company. His enthusiasm for his work often took him beyond the call of duty.

“We send our sympathy to his friends and family,

“He will be sadly missed.”

“You never expect to hear of someone who was so full of life, and so outgoing and friendly be hurt in such a way.

“My deepest sympathy to all your family Damo, you always made me laugh whenever I saw you!

“I’m going to miss bumping into you and hearing your jokes.

“R.I.P Damo, love Cassandra”

The case continues.

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British police have made public a stabbing victim’s skull X-ray as they search for two suspects wanted in a horrific bus stop assault last year.

The 15-year-old victim, who was not identified, was stabbed in the forehead last November after he and two other friends tried to stop a robbery at a south London bus stop, the U.K.’s Daily Mail reported. The boy’s friends were also stabbed.

The victim was rushed to the hospital with the kitchen knife still lodged in his head. Doctors said that the teen would have died if anyone tried to remove the knife themselves.

One of the three suspects, who dropped a hat and his cell phone while fleeing, was arrested a short time after the attack. He is to be sentenced next month. His cohorts are still on the loose.

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