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I’ve seen sex toys that cater to all types fetishes. This, however, is the weirdest of all.

The Foot Fetish Fantasy is clear jelly material that is shaped like a lady’s foot. I could see some weird looking purple stuff in the middle of the foot, so I thought, “Okay, what the hell is that?” and I turned it over to see a vaginal opening in the middle of the arch on the bottom of the foot.

What? Huh? A vagina? On a foot? Who? What? How? Then a whole bunch of other messed-up questions and answers entered my mind. Like, “Who thought to make that?” then, “Who has bought it?” Not to mention the odd visuals it drummed up.

Upon examining this vagina foot closer, I realized that the purple in the middle of the foot was four beads. These beads sit alongside the opening. These are referred to as “stroker beads”. So when someone uses the vagina foot, the beads create a realistic texture. Who claims to know what a vagina in a foot would actually feel like? They are liars.

How does someone justify owning this item when their Mother finds it under their mattress? “Oh, that? Uh, that’s my foot vagina.” Long pause. “It’s uh, for school. The foot vagina is for school.” Even longer pause. “Health class.” The Mother’s disgusted facial expression remains. “It’s Ben’s. Benny Smith brought it here. As a joke. It’s Benny’s foot vagina. It’s his.” Shame. Could someone face their Mom again?

I’ll just leave you with this thought. If ladies really had vaginas on the bottom of their feet, they’d get infected all the time. Who would want to do them then?

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First we report sex toys for the ipod and now slutty barbie, we are getting a bit worried that WTFBLOG is going all dirty..we swear we’ll do a post on how amazing the pope is tomorrow. We lie.

We LOVE slutty barbie! Look at those fishnets dammit! BUT what would Ken think?

Looks like the people at Mattel are receiving some major backlash!

The toy makers have created a new Barbie doll which many are describing as the S&M Barbie.

The doll comes with black fishnet stockings, a black leotard, gloves, and boots.

S&M Barbie is being modeled after DC comic superhero Black Canary.

The Black Canary Barbie doll is scheduled to be released in September, but we’ll see if that goes as planned.

Some are just outraged like the religious group Christian Voice, which said, “Barbie has always been on the tarty side and this is taking it too far. A children’s doll in sexually suggestive clothing is irresponsible – it’s filth.”

Poor Babs.

We bet if she was dressed as Wonder Woman no one would complain. And we all know Wonder Woman’s outfit was a bit on the sexy side too!

Would U buy the Black Canary Barbie?


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