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It would appear that the National Organization Marriage’s spokesh0r isn’t too happy discussing “her lil solo sex tape”

Carrie Prejean threatened to walk off Larry King Live Tuesday night, in the middle of her interview with Larry King.

Prejean’s threats came after King asked the former beauty queen about the reasons behind her recent settlement with the Miss California USA pageant. King asked Prejean why she agreed to strike a deal with the Pageant and drop her claims of libel, slander and religious discrimination. “Why settle since you had a fight to carry on?” King pressed.

Prejean demurred. King asked again: “You can’t even say why you settled?”

Prejean, visibly displeased, refused to answer: “Larry, it’s completely confidential and you’re being inappropriate.” The inappropriate issue at hand isn’t King’s probing question, but the alleged reason why Prejean settled: TMZ reported that she decided to strike a deal only after the lawyer for the Pageant revealed a home-made sex tape of a 17-year-old Prejean. King: “So the agreement discusses the motive behind why each party agreed?” Prejean: “Larry you’re being inappropriate. You really are. So, I’m not going to talk about –” (This back and forth goes on for a full minute.) Finally, King concedes: “Okay, I, uh… inappropriate King Live continues.” He drops the subject and goes to a caller.

But the damage is done: before the person on the phone line is halfway through his introduction (“I’m a gay man and I love pageants”), Prejean reaches to disconnect her mic and mouths something to someone off camera. “Did she hear the question?” King wonders.

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Today is a most glorious day, for it has been revealed that the conservative values preaching former Miss California Carrie Prejean has dropped her lawsuit against the Miss California USA organization because an graphic sex tape of her has allegedly surfaced. Hallelujah.

From TMZ.com:

“They showed her the X-Rated version of Home Alone, starring Carrie herself.

“When the video started playing, Carrie’s first reaction was ‘that’s disgusting’ and Carrie denied it was her.

“Then, the camera angle changed and panned up to her face. She was caught red-handed, so to speak.

“Carrie was rendered speechless and immediately began talking with her lawyer. We’re told it took about 15 seconds for Carrie to drop her $1 million demand.”


It was bound to happen: Every idiot who wants to be famous knows a sex tape can help take a pseudo-celebrity’s D-list status up a couple of notches.

Groups like the National Organization for Marriage defended Prejean when scandalous photos surfaced. I wonder if Maggie Gallagher, president of NOM, and other conservative leaders will come to her rescue now. Family values indeed.

Would would Jesus say?

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Yes..it got my heartbeat up too! But..its total bollocks.


That Obama has one fine ass.

The e-mail, titled “Barack Obama sex story with girls,” seems to come from an address called “obamasex@obama.com,” reports the Internet security company Websense.

The e-mail reads in part:

“Sensation!!! United States Senator for Illinois Barack Obama in 2007 was travel to Ukraine and have sex action with many ukrainian girls! You may view this private porno in a flash video. Download and view now.”

In case the Borat-like English and the references to the Ukraine haven’t tipped you off, the attachment is full of PC viruses from Eastern Europe.

While you do get some generic porn video clips, none of which feature Barack Obama, you also get software that steals all your personal data and sends it to a Web site in Finland.

It’s not the first time Obama’s sex life has been linked to malware.

According to Wired magazine, an e-mail entitled “Scandal rocks Obama as lurid sex video leaked” made the rounds in June. That one led you to porn Web sites that asked you to install “viewers” on your PC.


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