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I’m not even sure where to start with this one!  I guess Russian guys get pretty lonely during the winter.  What a dumb ass!  Raccoons are known to be mean and have sharp teeth.  He deserved to get the short end of the stick on this one.  I wonder if the raccoon’s name was Lorena Bobbit?

http://www.spike.com – January 26, 2009

Russian Raccoon Rape Turns Rowdy

Alaxander Kirilov got wasted with his buddies (like ya do in Russia).  And, because Russia is basically just one gigantic, Eurasian ghost town, he decided when he saw a raccoon wander into their social circle that he’d, “have a little fun.” Anybody that’s ever had sex with a raccoon can tell you what happened next. If you don’t know anybody that has, though, I’ll tell you: the raccoon bit off his dong.

No means no, man. Even when spoken in raccoon. After the incident, he was alive (but certainly not well), and his friends rushed him to the hospital.  Also, given that his erect penis was suddenly severed and his blood had been thinned with alcohol, this dude must’ve been, to quote James Bond, a “bloody mess.”

Russian plastic surgeons said they’d be able to get everything working again, but the lost inch-age was, well, lost. Here’s hoping that this dude is blessed with the curse of Rasputin, for his own sake.

Image Source: Harold Pfeiffer/Riser/Getty Images

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Blog Readers!!! here are some cases I found over the internet, all sound sad, but its the truth, there ARE risks involved in cosmetic surgeries….

I got my Nose operated, not just because esthetical reasons, but also because of my sinuses and ease nose Breathing. But something went wrong- I can feel it while I am breathing through nose. What should I do? Should I demand reparation of nose?

A woman had breast-reduction operation. After the procedure she was in constant pain due to a gaping hole inside her left breast. She suffered from what is called “wound breakdown”. She has managed to recover after five months, but is physically and emotionally scarred by the experience. One other Plastic surgeon said that he spends nearly 60% of his time operating on patients who are dissatisfied with previous cosmetic surgery. I am not sure who to blame, unskilled surgeons? Promises like “lunchtime lift”, “no bruising” and “no swelling” are unreal; these operations are in fact exceptionally complicated. I’ve heard for another case that went wrong where the woman ended up with serious burns after a laser resurfacing procedure. I personally think that it is the doctor’s duty to ensure the patient understands the risks of all procedures.

hi my name is maxine and i had breast surgery (reduction) it went wrong i had a hole apear in my left breast wich resulted in me loosing my nipples and some of my breast .this is the worse thing thats ever happend to me. im sueing the hospital for this.

courtney bad plastic surgery image

Ok, Courtney, I thought we had already worked it out that ‘plump’ lips do not look good on you. Stop it now! Lip collagen is no substitute for good self esteem.

bad plump lips

What genius in Clay Aiken’s entourage decided that plumper lips would make him look more masculine? Whomever they are, they should be fired. Clay looked more manly when he started out than he does now. The shag haircut, the glass, heavy layer of foundation, and plumped up lips make him look like someone testing the waters before they decide to get a sex change.

I had my Gallbladder removed laparoscopically 2 1/2 weeks ago. The day after surgery I noticed my right leg was numb around my Knee and part of my thigh. I am still having problems with it that seems to be getting increasingly worse. I called my surgeon’s office and he said that it’s not from the surgery but probably from sleeping on my back. This may be true being I don’t normally sleep on my back, but now that I can sleep on my side again, why is it still numb? Nothing seems to help it. Has anyone else had this problem?

I had open Heart Surgery for an aortic valve replacement 7 months ago. It seems like my sternum is growing and is protruding. My lower chest is very sensitive to the touch. My chest get irritated when I exercise and bothers me quite a bit for a few days then subsides some. It hurts sometimes when I cross my arms over my chest. It hurts sometimes when I bend forward. What’s the sternum made of, and can it grow? Can what seeing be scar tissue from the large incision made in my chest for the heart surgery?

Well reading all those cases, i don’t think you’d just dive into the pool without knowing anything, before having one you must know about the aftereffects and procedures, individual cases are different so please dont make your decisions seeing other cases….

Breast Implants Gone Wrong

Read breast implants gone wrong cases..

Here’s a Face Lift procedure performed on a lady and now she in tears.

Face Lift Gone Wrong

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