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Re-read the title again, you are not imagining this.

This woman, who I will name crack whore, is seriously fucked up in the head, if there was any doubts that drugs killed brain cells, crack whore has made it perfectly clear that drugs can.

I ask myself, where would she of preferred her kids to of been placed? Perhaps with a priest that prays on young kids, oh wait, how about the pedophile down the street?

A woman who became addicted to heroin and had her two children taken from her by social services has shared her views on gay adoption. The drug addict, who cannot be named, spoke to the Daily Mail, who first broke the story that that her two children were to be adopted by a gay couple.

Her parents had applied but were turned down, they claim because of their age and health problems. As Edinburgh City Council cannot comment on the individual case, there is no way of confirming their story. The children are aged five and four.

Their mother, who now claims to have kicked her habit, told the Mail: “The social worker told me the kids are getting on really well with them (the gay couple). “My daughter had apparently said to the social worker, “Come up and see my princess bed.” I just feel totally devastated.” However, she also said that despite “having nothing against gay people” she does not want the children she was judged incapable of raising to live with a same-sex couple. “I did not under any circumstances want my children to be placed with gay men.

I wanted them to have a mum and a dad. “They can’t be telling me that, within a 60-mile radius, the only people they could find to look after my children were two men.” The mother said social services had explained to her that of the available adoptive parents the gay couple “were the ones who were able to cater for their needs best. I find that very hard to believe. I’ll have to say that to them when I meet them because it’s how I feel, but I don’t want the whole thing to become an argument. I will have lots of questions to ask them.” The case has unleashed a torrent of negative stories about gay adoption.

And this my dear, is why people should use CONDOMS!


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