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ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Levi Johnston is going for the ultimate exposure — his bare body.

The 19-year-old father of Sarah Palin’s grandchild will pose nude for Playgirl, his attorney said Wednesday. To get ready for his close-up, Johnston is training three hours a day, six nights a week at an Anchorage gym with a local body builder.

A formal agreement hasn’t been reached with the online magazine, but the photo shoot is a “foregone conclusion,” said Johnston’s attorney, Rex Butler.

Johnston fathered a son with Bristol, the 18-year-old daughter of Sarah Palin, the former Republican vice presidential candidate who resigned as Alaska’s governor in July.

Publication of the photographs could be a source of embarrassment for Palin, often mentioned as a possible 2012 presidential candidate. Her memoir, “Going Rogue,” will be published next month and pre-sales already have made it a national best seller.

After Sen. John McCain chose Palin as his running mate, Johnston was thrust into the national spotlight early in the campaign after Palin abruptly announced her unwed daughter was pregnant and the couple would marry.

The couple broke up after the birth of their son, Tripp, in December. The relationship between the Palins and Johnston since then has often been strained, mostly over visitation issues.

Palin’s representatives did not respond to a request for comment on the Playgirl job.

Johnston also has been marketing himself for a possible modeling or acting career, spending time in New York and Los Angeles. His publicist, Tank Jones, said Johnston is fielding offers for other media jobs, including a reality show.

Johnston’s first TV commercial, hawking Wonderful brand pistachios, debuted this week.

In the short spot, Johnston walks toward the camera with Jones, an Anchorage private investigator who also is Johnston’s bodyguard. As they approach the camera, fan voices call out to Johnston off-screen. As he snaps open a pistachio, a voiceover declares, “Now Levi Johnston does it with protection” — a reference that Johnston has said in interviews that he and Bristol sometimes had unprotected sex.

No date has been set for the Playgirl photo shoot, but Butler expects the world will get a gander of the finished product by the end of the year.

Playgirl spokesman Vincent Stevens couldn’t immediately be reached for comment. Butler said Playgirl approached Johnston about posing in the buff.

“We told him he would have to do what actors and actresses do. They get in the gym,” Butler said. “He got in the gym.”

Johnston has been working out with Marvin Jones, a former Mr. Alaska competitor and the brother of Tank Jones. The trainer has put Johnston on a low-carb, high-protein diet.

After a month of rigorous workouts, Johnston is showing impressive results, Marvin Jones said. But Johnston had a head start as a former high school hockey player.

“It’s kind of scary, he has so much energy. He’s working out before we work out,” the trainer said. “When it’s time for him to bare all, I think he’ll be ready.”

If the low-key Johnston has any pre-exposure jitters, none of his handlers have noticed.

“Levi is a man of few words, but once you know him, you know he’s very confident,” Marvin Jones said.

It wouldn’t be the first show-it-all with political ties. Patti Davis, the daughter of former president Ronald Reagan, posed nude for Playboy magazine in 1994.


So who is looking forward to seeing him nekid?

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We like a bit of an ass at WTFBLOG…and this one is so purdy!

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The news of Ricky Martin becoming a father to twin boys hasn’t been well received by everyone. One leading Latino Catholic cardinal has slammed Ricky for acting without dignity. The Puerto Rican singer recently fathered twin boys, via a surrogate mother, who is rumoured to be a cousin of Ricky’s. The Catholic cardinal of Honduras, Oscar Andres Rodriguez, accuses the singer of going against human dignity,

What Martin did diminishes the dignity of a human being. You can’t just buy or rent life. It’s even worse when someone famous and in the public eye is doing it.

Rodriguez isn’t alone. Mexican talk show host Esteban Arce has also spoken out against Ricky’s choice to be a single father,

I don’t think it’s right to deny children of maternal figures, just because you have a big ego.

Would the church prefer that the kids were placed with PRIESTS?!

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Ahhhhh screw the fact his hand is broken still…that guy is very fuckable!

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I’ve seen sex toys that cater to all types fetishes. This, however, is the weirdest of all.

The Foot Fetish Fantasy is clear jelly material that is shaped like a lady’s foot. I could see some weird looking purple stuff in the middle of the foot, so I thought, “Okay, what the hell is that?” and I turned it over to see a vaginal opening in the middle of the arch on the bottom of the foot.

What? Huh? A vagina? On a foot? Who? What? How? Then a whole bunch of other messed-up questions and answers entered my mind. Like, “Who thought to make that?” then, “Who has bought it?” Not to mention the odd visuals it drummed up.

Upon examining this vagina foot closer, I realized that the purple in the middle of the foot was four beads. These beads sit alongside the opening. These are referred to as “stroker beads”. So when someone uses the vagina foot, the beads create a realistic texture. Who claims to know what a vagina in a foot would actually feel like? They are liars.

How does someone justify owning this item when their Mother finds it under their mattress? “Oh, that? Uh, that’s my foot vagina.” Long pause. “It’s uh, for school. The foot vagina is for school.” Even longer pause. “Health class.” The Mother’s disgusted facial expression remains. “It’s Ben’s. Benny Smith brought it here. As a joke. It’s Benny’s foot vagina. It’s his.” Shame. Could someone face their Mom again?

I’ll just leave you with this thought. If ladies really had vaginas on the bottom of their feet, they’d get infected all the time. Who would want to do them then?

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WTF – Mmmmm Ryan!

RYAN PHILLIPE and stunning girlfriend ABBIE CORNISH only have eyes for each other as they celebrate her 26th birthday in Las Vegas.

Dayum…I know alot of people would like a piece of him!

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Oh my, Jess from Big Brother is….one fine piece of meat!

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