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The below was posted at PamsHouseblend, and I thought I should post it here too!

This looks like an amazing documentary chronicling the first time a civil right was put on the ballot, to be decided by mob rule — Proposition 8 — and the millions pumped into the fight by the Mormons in the name of faith. Here’s the first trailer for 8-The Mormon Proposition

Producer Steven Greenstreet, who sent me the trailer link (it just went live) says it has just been submitted to Sundance other festivals. He was a journalist in 2008, and did a lot of coverage of Prop 8. When he left his news agency, he began working with the crew that made this documentary.

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And we love her for it!!

Now if we want to keep seeing ads like this on the air, we need to donate so the No on 1 campaign can afford it. And if we want to help the campaign turn out the No on 1 votes needed to win, we need to volunteer for virtual phone banking! There’s just no getting around it. We can’t afford to be lazy.

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WTFBlog is a mild success because of all the hard work I put in, but mainly it is due to the readers, and how does WTFBlog get readers? social networking sites is where most of the traffic comes from, Myspace, Twitter, Facebook, and a few others,.

People are more than happy to re-post an article I have posted about a hot naked guy, but when it comes to issues that should REALLY mean something to them, they don’t bother, because they simply do not care, they would prefer to sit back and have someone else do the work for them, I mean, re-posting something important takes HOURS right?

Not one single person has re-posted an article in regards to the National Equality March, or how about those websites that have petitions on them for you to sign to help YOU get those gay rights?

And its not just an internet issue here, last year when California was fighting Prop H8, people chose to go out and get drunk and left phone banks and the door to door efforts to someone else, where are your priorities gay people? You want to know why Prop 8 passed? Its because of lazy bitches who could not be fucking bothered to DO SOMETHING, and these same people are now complaining that they can’t get married, well boo-hoo, it’s too little, and its way too late.

Barney Frank said recently in an interview about The National Equality March,(and if you don’t know who Barney Frank is, educate yourself and google him)

“I literally don’t understand how this will do anything. People are kidding themselves. I don’t want people patting themselves on the back for doing something that is useless. Barack Obama does not need pressure.

Now maybe I am wrong here, but isn’t that how civil rights are achieved? with PRESSURE? How, in the 21st century will we pressure Washington to give us the rights we deserve?

The answer is rather simple, you are using it right now.

WE will not obtain equal rights under the law if everyone had the “someone else will fight for me” attitude.

So next time you see someone posting something about gay rights, about a rally, about contacting representatives appealing to them to support bills that will benefit the gay community, do us all a favor and take 2 SECONDS of your time and re-post it, maybe YOU don’t give a fuck about your own rights, but I can assure you someone you know WILL.

You USE the internet to plan your social life, how about you wake the fuck up and USE IT TO HELP YOU GET YOUR RIGHTS YOU DESERVE.

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You would of thought, Muslims would understand how it feels to be discriminated against…

A gay amateur soccer team in France says its members were targets of homophobia when a team of Muslim players refused to play a match against them.

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The Paris Foot Gay team received an e-mail from the Creteil Bebel club canceling a match scheduled for last Sunday.

Paris Foot Gay who defends the right to difference “was confronted last week with a homophobic reaction. The team had to face in the Cup tournament in Paris, Créteil Bébel team. Only yesterday, the club president learned by mail that his opponents boycotted altogether. The team Bébel Créteil, composed of practicing Muslims, refused to lare facing as their “beliefs are far more important than a football match” and that therefore they could not play against Paris Foot Gay.

It is not a simple package, but a homophobic decision because the team refuses to confront the Paris Foot Gay because of the homosexuality of his players.

In a statement available on its website, the Paris team calls “the League signataire of the Charter against homophobia, appropriate penalties. “The statement said that” homophobia is liable to criminal prosecution as well as racism. “

The Foot Recreation Committee, organizer of the match, said he is amazed and replay the match. In case of refusal, Créteil Bébel risk exclusion from the championship.

A refusal by receding RMC however, players are disconnecting from their mail dirigeant and wishing to play this game.

“Because of the principles of our team, which is a team of devout Muslims, we can’t play against you,” the e-mail said, reports the Associated Press. “Our convictions are much more important than a simple football match.”

“We have been insulted in the past, but this sort of thing has never happened,” Pascal Brethes, chairman and cofounder of PFG, told Reuters.

Creteil Bebel defended their pullout, claiming they had a right rooted in their religious convictions to cancel the match.

“As a Muslim, I have the right not to play against homosexuals because I don’t share their ideas,” Zahir Belgarbi, one of the team directors, said on France Bleu radio.

According to the Associated Press, Belgarbi went on to apologize if “anyone felt upset or hurt.”

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And we would like to say THANK YOU!….your turn Apple.

Microsoft Corp. has donated $100,000 to the campaign supporting more partnership rights for Washington state gay couples.

That’s the largest single donation in favor of Referendum 71, which asks voters to approve or reject a new law that expands domestic partnerships for gay and lesbian couples. Microsoft is based in Redmond.

The “approve” campaign committee, called Washington Families Standing Together, has raised about $780,000 overall, and spent about $200,000.

The “reject” campaign, called Protect Marriage Washington, has raised about $60,000, and spent about $35,000.

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THIS PISSES ME OFF!!!, all he does is TALK TALK TALK, and no action! Yes,  he has given people that work for the fed extra benefits, but guess what Obama, not many of us work for the fed!

And to all those people that say “He’ll get around to gay rights once the economy and health care reform is fixed”, here’s a news flash!!!  Gay rights will always be at the bottom of Obama’s “things to do” list because the only time he cares about us is when he wants something FROM US, like your hard earned MONEY.

President Barack Obama will focus “at the right time” on how to overturn the “don’t ask, don’t tell” ban on gays serving openly in the military, his national security adviser said Sunday.

“I don’t think it’s going to be — it’s not years, but I think it will be teed up appropriately,” James Jones said.

The Democratic-led Congress is considering repealing the 1993 law. Action isn’t expected on the issue until early next year.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., recently wrote Obama and Defense Secretary Robert Gates asked to share their views and recommendations on the contentious policy. In Sept. 24 letters, Reid also asked for a review of the cases of two U.S. officers who were discharged from the military because of their sexuality.

“At a time when we are fighting two wars, I do not believe we can afford to discharge any qualified individual who is willing to serve our country,” Reid wrote.

Jones said Obama “has an awful lot on his desk. I know this is an issue that he intends to take on at the appropriate time. And he has already signaled that to the Defense Department. The Defense Department is doing the things it has to do to prepare, but at the right time, I’m sure the president will take it on.”

As a candidate, Obama signaled support for repealing the law. To the disappointment of gay-rights supporters, he has yet to made a move since taking office in January. The White House has said it will not stop the military from dismissing gays and lesbians who acknowledge their sexuality.

Last year, 634 members of the military were discharged for being gay, or .045 percent of the active-duty U.S. force, according to an Aug. 14 congressional report.

The largest number of gays who were ousted under the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy came in 2001, when 1,227 were discharged, or .089 of the force.

The House is considering legislation to repeal “don’t ask, don’t tell” and allow people who have been discharged under the policy to rejoin the military.

Jones appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

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I am  just speechless about this, because I seriously can’t stop fucking laughing!

Thanks for the tip  Trevor!

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