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So my home country of the UK may have the best New Years celebrations in the world, but I sometimes thing we have the most craziest fuckers in the world too!

The 22-year-old is believed to have carried out the horrifying DIY castration in a bid to change sex.

He waited nearly 24 hours before staggering into hospital. On arriving at accident and emergency, he told stunned staff he had felt “a lot less pain” than he had expected.

He left after being treated with swabs and stitches – and was advised to seek psychiatric help.

A spokesman for Derbyshire’s Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Trust said last night: “A man in his early twenties presented himself at the hospital minus his testicles, which he had removed the previous day.

“He was treated, then discharged from A&E. We can say no more because of patient confidentiality – but this is pretty unusual.”

It is believed the man, who has not been named, was suffering from “gender confusion issues” and may have been attempting a home sex change before hurling his unwanted privates into Queens Park, Chesterfield.

One local said: “It makes your eyes water just thinking about it.

“A few people have stopped walking their dogs in the park for fear of what they’ll dig up.”

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Rumor has it, Jesus Luz, Madonna’s current Brazilian boy toy, is rocking an uncut member, Shia LaBeouf confessed to Playboy that he isn’t well-endowed, and Jared Leto reportedly has the biggest (living) dong in Hollywood. After the jump, celebs dish on the packages they were given or were happy/unhappy to receive.

“I remember putting a pillow underneath her because I had seen that in a porn movie. It put her at a weird angle, where I couldn’t get in correctly. I’m not extremely well-endowed … and clearly this wasn’t the move.” —Shia LaBeouf in Playboy

“I said I had a small penis as a joke. And they took it literally when it is not the truth. So when people find out it’s not the case they are pleasantly surprised.” —Enrique Iglesias

“I’m proud to see his penis 25 foot tall. It’s great. It’s huge. It’s enormous. Massive. If I looked like that I’d walk down the street in my panties too.”—Victoria Beckham on David Beckham‘s penis

“I had a penis implant!” —Robert Pattinson on his nude scenes for “Little Ashes”

“I know the reason that it was cut out was that it just wasn’t right. If anything, it’s a beautiful, gentle moment and a f**king large c**k with huge balls, is just f**king jarring.” —Colin Farrell on why his nude scene was cut out of “Alexander”

“I love Ewan McGregor. He’s got a beautiful penis! I’m like: ‘Yeah, man, uncircumcised!’ That’s nice.” —Rosario Dawson

““I’m not worried about how small my penis is — I’m worried about how dark it is. I have a Dominican penis. My penis hit six home runs last year; my penis wears shoes without socks.” —John Mayer

“I’m not a real big fan of penises. Like my own, whenever I look at it, I just don’t find anything attractive about it. I can’t believe girls are into it. It blows my mind a little bit.” —Pete Wentz

“He’s not very well-endowed. If you’re going to have sex with Marshall, make sure you have a little blue pill, because otherwise it does not work.” —Kim Mathers on her ex, Eminem

“I’ve been a porn actress for three years and Jared was the most I ever had to work with. There’s definitely a second career available for him if he ever runs out of mainstream work.” —Corina Taylor on having sex with Jared Leto

“I helped raise him and I can assure you there is nothing wrong with him physically.” —Sadie Bomar on grandson Justin TImberlake‘s penis after Britney Spears insinuated he had a small member.

“It looks like an egg in a nest. This girl once said to me, ‘Who are you going to satisfy with that little thing?’ I said, ‘Me!’” —Johnny Knoxville

“Nick’s small package was a problem sometimes, like the first time we had sex, to tell you the truth, I didn’t really feel much, I faked the whole thing, I really felt sorry for him, I still loved him though.” —Jessica Simpson on her ex-husband, Nick Lachey

“You tighten up like a hamster. The first time it happened, I turned around and went, ‘You know, there’s a thousand people here and I don’t think even one of them would expect you to look your best in this situation.’ I am terribly self-conscious.” —Daniel Radcliffe on appearing nude onstage

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Oh my! this is just the kind of news we like to read about with our breakfast, right?

A well-known organizer of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) at Somanya in the Eastern region, Kwame Wayo Acheampong, has found himself in the grips of the law after pouncing on his tenant and chewing part of his scrotum in a fierce fight last Thursday.

Baring his teeth like a vampire hungry for blood, Kwame Wayo, 45, went straight for the genitals of 37-year-old Sani Sulley, a tenant in his house, and took a ginormous bite at this important “property”, tearing half of it and leaving his victim in a pool of blood.

The wife of Sulley was so mad about the attack she told DAILY GUIDE she was very determined to see to it that Kwame Acheampong was punished for what she described as ‘cannibalistic behaviour’.

Both Sulley Sani and Kwame Wayo Acheampong were butchers at Somanya but Wayo was a landlord to Sulley in a suburb of the town. DAILY GUIDE sources disclosed that the friends-turned-enemies had lived in the same house for the past two years but in the last three or four months, Acheampong had been insisting that Sulley left the house because he was giving him problems.

Sulley was said to have reacted by saying that he would leave the house only if his landlord refunded a balance of GH¢600 as part of the total cost of GH¢900 he incurred in making the house habitable.

When DAILY GUIDE contacted the victim, he readily offered to tell his side of the story. According to him, he rented a chamber and hall apartment in Acheampong’s house because both of them were working at the same slaughter house; but at the time of moving into the house, it was not fully complete, so he had to hire some artisans to plaster a greater part of the house including his room, install ceilings and extend electricity to the house which cost him GH¢900.

He indicated that the agreement was that he would pay a rent of GH¢10 a month to offset the cost incurred. Sulley told the paper that all of a sudden, Kwame Wayo decided to eject him from the house after he had stayed there for only two years. “What I told him was that if he is asking me to leave the house, then he should pay my balance of GH¢600 Ghana before I leave but this has become a problem for him”.

He explained that because of the condition given him, the landlord decided to use ‘rough tactics’ to frustrate or force him out of the house.

He told DAILY GUIDE that things came to a head on Thursday December 11 after his wife, Rukaya, had finished preparing ‘fufu’ for the family. According to him, the wife of the landlord, Agnes Wayo, though unprovoked, went to where the food had been prepared and swept dust and sand into it. The victim said they then reported the matter to the police, with the food as exhibit.

“After we came home, my landlord told me that that was the beginning of greater punishment for us and that he had instructed the wife that next time she should ease herself into our food and also in front of my room”.

According to Sulley, around 8.00pm in the night, he asked his nine-year-old son to remove his school uniform from the drying line in the veranda, but before he could do that, he had to step on a little wall that served as a break to rain water in the house.

He narrated that just as his son stepped on the wall, the landlord came from nowhere and gave him a hefty slap for ‘standing on his wall’.

“This action by the landlord infuriated me so much that I immediately confronted him as to why he should slap such a little boy”, adding that before he could say jack, the landlord grabbed his “balls” and took a ‘mighty’ bite.

He disclosed that the landlord had said he was going to kill him. “I felt terrible pains and I had to scream for help. I was wearing P.E. shorts and everything turned bloody. I was rushed to the Atua Government Hospital and sent straight to the theatre for some stitches and immediate attention.

“As I speak to you, I feel serious pain in my abdomen and I am very weak”. Wayo is expected to be put before the Odumase-Krobo Circuit Court today after he was arrested and charged with the offence of causing harm.

He told the police that he slapped the little boy because the boy crossed his path while he bit Sulley’s “balls” in defence because Sulley attacked him and held him by the neck.

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Ahhh we like to keep the readers happy, and not only with blogging, but with our highly original products too!

New products are below! And if you want to check out the store, just click on an image!

And I dont know who you are, but thankyou to the person that bought 15, yes 15 WTF Mugs, that came as a total surprise to us!

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NEWPORT BEACH — Authorities are calling it a case of do-it-yourself male enhancement gone awry.

A local man has been hospitalized after a metal dumbbell ring became stuck on his penis.

The unidentified man was reportedly trying to elongate his organ.

But instead, the ring cut off circulation, causing the organ to swell to five times its normal size and turn black.

The man was hospitalized in Newport Beach.

Keith Jones, deputy fire chief in Costa Mesa, said the ring had been stuck below the belt for as many as three days, and that the man initially resisted treatment.

Jones also said the patient was “obviously having some other issues.”

The man, described as middle-aged, eventually relented and allowed city urban rescue experts to remove the ring in a two-hour, ultra-delicate procedure involving a pneumatic chisel that sent sparks flying around the operating room, Jones said.

The man’s condition isn’t known, but Jones said it appeared he remained fully intact.

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A condom applicator designed to help AIDS prevention has been named the Most Beautiful Object in South Africa by Dutch designer Jurgen Bey who was in Cape Town to speak at the Design Indaba conference last week, selected the product from a shortlist of 15 products at the Design Indaba Expo.

The applicator, invented by Willem van Rensburg and designed by industrial designer Roelf Mulder of South Africa’s XYZ Design, allows a condom to be put on easily and rapidly. The user holds the device with the thumb and forefinger of both hands, pulling the condom down over the penis in a single rapid movement.

It is hoped the design will encourage the use of condoms, thereby helping reduce the spread of AIDS.

The applicator, which was selected for the SAFE exhibition at MoMA in New York two years ago and is in the museum’s permanent collection is now being marketed and sold under the Pronto brand.


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So, Prince Pierre Casiraghi of Monaco? Know him? Why would you. Shallow end of the European pool of royalty, that’s why not. Though in light of these here picturegraphs, we may have to re-evaluate our royalty snobbery. For Prince Pierre Casiraghi off-of Monaco not only appears to have a penis, but a considerable one at that.

Here he is changing out of his latex play thing in St Tropez, giving us a ‘how’s your father (he’s quite chunky, thanks)’ in the process…

NB. For those looking for a bit of background, Prince Pierre Casiraghi off-of Monaco is the son of Princess Caroline, who is in turn the daughter of Grace Kelly (Harlow, Jean, picture of a movie queen) off-of the movies. Otherwise known as Mickey Mouse Royalty.

Is it just me or in pic #7…he looks a lil excited?

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