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Everyone loves a crazy bitch, it gives us pleasure to watch them simply go totally fucking insane, however..mostly when we are just an observer.

This poor guy, wasn’t so lucky, all I say say to all straight men out there, do not date this woman, and if you find yourself stupid enough to do so, whatever you do..DON’T DITCH HER ASS!

In the span of 24 hours, she allegedly called her ex-lover 146 times.

Police said she shattered several of the windows of his west Houston home, first with a tire iron, and then with a 5-foot sword.

She is accused of egging his house on several occasions, and posting pictures of herself bragging about it on her Facebook page.

Police say Toni Jo Silvey, 49, still reeling from a 2009 breakup with Houston leather artist Peter Main, also created an Internet persona – “woundedpo eticsoul” – that turned out to be very wounded indeed.

Silvey was arrested on Tuesday and charged with felony stalking. Court records show a magistrate set Silvey’s bail at $25,000 and ordered her not to contact Main. She remained in Harris County Jail on Wednesday.

In June, Silvey started a blog that detailed the breakdown of their relationship and her post-breakup bad behavior in excruciating detail, calling him names and posting rambling rants about his relationship with a younger woman.

Silvey’s criminal defense attorney, James Madison Ardoin III, declined comment Wednesday.

Main, 62, did not respond to a voicemail or an email seeking comment. Main told police officers he dated Silvey briefly in 2009 and has been reluctant to file charges against her because “he is afraid of angering (her) further.”

Main told police that Silvey called him 1,001 times and sent him 712 emails over a span of less than three months, starting in mid-June. One day in August, she allegedly called him 146 times, investigators said.

According to the probable-cause affidavit in the case, Silvey started the blog in June, where she vacillated between name-calling, waxing philosophical about the end of their relationship and openly taunting Main.

The blog also includes excerpts of what appear to be emails between Main and another woman. Main reported that his email account was hacked in February.

Main told police he did not change his phone or email because he is self-employed and “it would be detrimental to his business.”

He told police he saw Silvey shatter the leaded glass windows near his front door with a tire iron in July. He also said she smashed a kitchen window with a tire iron on Aug. 3, and then returned four days later and broke another kitchen window with a 5-foot sword.

Parked car rammed

That same day, Main told police, Silvey rammed her Chevy Blazer into his parked car, slamming it into the garage door and causing about $915 in damage.

Main also reported his house being “egged” several times by Silvey, and gave police a screen shot of Silvey allegedly bragging about it on her Facebook page.

In an interview with police, Silvey repeatedly told the officer to “read my blog, read my blog, it’s all there.”

The police officer reviewed the blog and online “and found numerous references to the damages to the complainant’s property … ”

Last Friday, an officer with the Houston Police Department‘s Special Crimes Division called Silvey and warned her several times to leave Main alone, court records show. The officer explained to Silvey that she could face criminal charges if she didn’t stop harassing him.

That afternoon, Main reported to police that Silvey was back, throwing eggs at his driveway.


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No…not that rotting old thing floating around the ocean (we think), but the ass belonging to that horrid statue, the one we all saw our soldiers pull down.

Well actually, we lie..only HALF of his ass is for sale.

The strange souvenir was taken during the U.S.-led raid on Baghdad’s al-Fardous Square in April 2003.

Now, the odd prize will be auctioned Oct. 27 at Hansons Auctioneers in Derby, England.

Nigel Ely, an ex-Special Air Service soldier working with a TV crew in Baghdad at the time, told BBC News he used a crowbar and sledgehammer to remove the buttock from the Iraqi dictator’s giant statue.

Ely paid 385 pounds (roughly $616 CDN) in excess cargo fees to fly the odd memento back to the U.K.

“I only wanted a piece big enough to put in my pocket, but I ended up with a chunk about 2 feet square,” he said. “I thought, ‘What the hell am I going to do with this?’

“I threw it in the back of my truck and forgot about it until we tried to re-enter Kuwait, where the Kuwaiti army arrested us and searched us for plunder. The journalists with me had all their souvenirs confiscated, but when I said the buttock was vehicle armour to protect us from bullets and bombs they left it alone.”

The proceeds from the sale will go to a charity benefitting injured British and American veterans.

Auctioneer Charles Hanson told the Agence France-Presse he expects the buttock to be sold for at least $15,000 U.S. ($15,250 CDN).

“It should appeal to military and art collectors alike, not to mention anyone who has an interest in the major events that have helped shape the world we live in,” he said.


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Nothing beats a good OUTING, especially when the person being outed is a hypocritical biggot.

Washington DC activist and JMG reader Phil Attey has launched ChurchOuting.org, a site intended to publicize the names of Catholic priests who are socially out but professionally closeted. Via press release:

A new local Internet and social media campaign was launched today in response to increasing anti-gay attacks by Archbishop Donald Wuerl of the Archdiocese of Washington and to a 57 page Pastoral Letter, which was passed today by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) affirming the national church leadership’s opposition to recognition of civil marriage between same sex couples.

ChurchOuting.org is a clearinghouse for reports of priests who are openly gay men in social settings yet professionally closeted in their parishes. The campaign will also accept reports of heterosexual priests who are involved in romantic or sexual relationships, yet support the Archbishop’s efforts to harm lesbian and gay families. “Their silence is criminal,” said Phil Attey, founder of ChurchOuting.org. “The increasing anti-gay attacks by the Archbishop and the USCCB not only harm gay and lesbian families seeking civil marriage recognition, but perpetuate the cycle of spiritual and emotional abuse that has harmed countless LGBT Catholic youth for generations.“

ChurchOuting.org provides an easy to use form to privately report priests in the Archdiocese who engage in romantic or sexual relationships, including detailed stories if available. Reports, once verified, will be used to pressure reported priests to vocally oppose the leadership’s anti-gay efforts, and ultimately to pressure the Archbishop to stop his anti-gay efforts here in Washington.

Attey: “The Church hierarchy has crossed the line in diverting the mission of the church from helping the poor and caring for the sick to waging political campaigns to strip LGBT citizens of civil rights protections. We can no longer remain silent while this happens. Nor can our parish priests.”

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HRC’s Sultan Shakir — who is at the DC Council Committee’s mark-up of the marriage bill — reports that the committee has passed the amended bill 4 to 1!  It now goes to the full council which is expected to take an initial vote on December 1 with a final vote by the end of the year.

Same-sex couples in the District are now one step closer to equality!

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This is just PLAIN crazy, but then again it is Walmart and they have been against the gays for fuck knows how long. Boycott y’all!

Not every confrontation that a gay person experiences in their life is based on their orientation. But sometimes it is very difficult to see any other possible explanation.

Take the experience that Joe Paolucci, Thomas Hitchcock, and their special need twins had recently with Wal-Mart.

Employees at the Niles, MI Wal-Mart store accused Paolucci of shoplifting some Bic lighters. Although he produced the receipt, they refused to back down, insisting that the two men go to a “detention room”. The employees, using vulgarities and hostility, frightened their special needs kids. (South Bend Tribune)

Paolucci said that while he and Hitchcock were attempting to calm down the boys, the employees ordered them to enter a “detention room” for questioning. Fearful of what might happen behind closed doors, he and Hitchcock refused to enter and asked to speak to a manager.

“Some guy came up and said, ‘I’m the manager,’ then turned around and left,” Hitchcock said.

Paolucci said he and Hitchcock then asked store personnel to call police. Within minutes, deputies from the Berrien County Sheriff’s Department’s Niles Township Patrol arrived, pleasing Paolucci who said he thought a few questions and a review of the store’s videotapes and computer records would quickly resolve the matter.

He said he was shocked when he was immediately handcuffed, without a question being asked, and placed in the back seat of a squad car. Hitchcock wasn’t handcuffed but also was placed in the back seat of a second squad car.

The twins, despite the protests of Paolucci and Hitchcock, were turned over to the store’s security personnel, who took them into the “detention room” or what police referred to as a security room.

A review of the security tapes proved that Paolucci and Hitchcock had done no wrong. So the store management profusely apologized and expressed their remose, right? No. They did not.

The two said they expected an apology and were surprised once again when personnel from the store walked up to the squad cars with the twins and read from a statement that Paolucci and Hitchcock had been banned by the store chain for life. Rather than shoplifting, the reason they were given was “being uncooperative.”

By the time they were read the statement, Paolucci and Hitchcock said, the twins had told them that the security staff had allegedly threatened them in the security room and had made disparaging remarks about Paolucci and Hitchcock’s lifestyle. Paolucci and Hitchcock said they asked police to take statements from the boys but the officers refused, telling the couple they’d have to contact Child Protective Services.

Wal-Mart even refused to replace frozen items that had now thawed due to their unprovoked misuse of their customers. Nor did the situation end at the harassment of the couple at the store.

Paolucci said the boys have suffered a type of post-traumatic stress disorder since the experience. Both wet their beds, although one has stopped, and both have had nightmares about one security employee in particular, he said.

“They’re terrified, horrified. We’ve had to change their medication twice,” he said.

And what does Wal-Mart corporate have to say?

Paolucci and Hitchcock e-mailed The Tribune a copy of a letter from a law firm representing Wal-Mart seeking 10 times the retail price of the items the store still claims were shoplifted by Paolucci. The letter states the matter will be dropped if Paolucci submits the $158.40 payment.

Now this is not the first time that Wal-Mart has been perceived as hostile to gay Americans. In 2007, HRC advised against giving our business to Wal-Mart, and just in April of this year, the CEO signed his name to a petition to ban gay couples from adopting.

Wal-Mart doesn’t care about my opinion. And there’s little I can do to impact their decision to treat gay customers with hostility.

But perhaps there are those, even in Niles, MI, who will decide that this situation is just one too many. That they cannot give their custom to bad neighbors. That it may be worth an extra nickle and a further drive to frequent the stores that do not abuse customers solely because they “disapprove of their lifestyle” and who admit it and apologize when they are wrong.

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It was only a matter of time before I got my perfectly sized hands on this amazing list of losers!

The 2009 Campaign Finance Report for StandForMarriageMaine.com is OUT, and we are very happy to see it, I mean why wouldn’t we?

Have a look by clicking HERE.

Naturally the biggest donors are NOM and the Catholics, but it also lists individuals and more importantly the company they work for (seriously, do they not know what the word BOYCOTT means?)

One of the reasons why I love these reports is that it informs us where we should and should not spend out money, Maine lobster is out, Massachusetts lobster is in.

WeightWatchers, Toyota, Hewlett Packard, Pitney Bowes are just a FEW of the companies that we should boycott.

EVERYDAY I am going to post the name of someone that has donated to Yes One 1, I urge you to contact the company they work for and kindly inform them that they just lost a customer, unless of course, they match their employees donation and give that money to  Protect Maine Equality.

First up isMary K Stawn of Mollies Bed & Biscuit in Maine, who donated $100 to Yes On 1, if you live in Maine, let your friends know to boycott this bigot!, and be sure to leave them a nice review on their yahoo listing page.

814 River Rd
Windham, ME 04062

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You attended the protests last year after Prop 8, now is the time to do it FOR MAINE!!

Join us for a night rally, November 4th! We will know the results of Maine’s “No on 1” ballot proposition, which will dictate whether we celebrate or protest! A New Orleans-style funeral, full of jazz and charisma, will lead us around the march route until we finish in front of “The Black Cat”/Le BarCito, where WE FOUGHT BACK against police raids even before Stonewall!

* Small: http://bit.ly/4lRU89
* Medium: http://bit.ly/2oIrSM
* Large (Printable): http://bit.ly/3x4rNX

* Marquita Thomas
* John Perez
* Father Geoff Farrow
* Eugene Hedlund (Truth & Hope)
* John Henning

Voice of God: Rick Watts

* Equality Network
* Love Honor Cherish
* OUT West
* Courage Campaign
* Allied Women for Equality
* Stonewall Democratic Club

Please let us know your ideas for an action on November 4th!

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