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All the critics can kiss my ass as I cannot wait for this movie to be released!

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And we are not surprised!

Avatar‘s continued earnings are proving the staying power of the 3D James Cameron flick!

And surprise, surprise! The numbers are HUGE.

By the weekend’s close, Avatar‘s earnings are projected to be at $350.5 million in North American and $1.05 billion around the world!!

“Mr. Cameron was king of the world but now has dominion over the universe. And he will own the top two slots on the worldwide all-time box office list!” one overly-excited exec at Fox has reportedly said.

Better hurry up on that sequel, Jimmy!

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And we love it!

Ian Somerhalder is possibly best known for his role in the first season of Lost. He has been signed to appear throughout the current season too, (and reveal his character is gay), via flashbacks! Woot!, and now for his evil role in the hit CW series “The Vampire Diaries”.

But we proper gays had noticed him long before this; when he flashed his ass, made out with Dawsons’ Creek star James Van Der Beek and bounced about on a bed in his bulging boxers, in the movie ‘The Rules Of Attraction’.

Now all those scenes were very nice scenes, we’ll admit. But you know the rules here at HotBlokes. If it’s not cock, it’s not here. There are a million & one sites offering bottoms & bulges – but as we all know… it’s the cock that counts. Hence the rule.

Happily then, we can now provide you Ian’s cock in all it’s glory, in scenes taken from the series ‘Tell Me You Love Me’, in which Ian’s character Nick is makin’ hot monkey lurve with some chick, who frankly we don’t give a shit about. To see the vid, click HERE.

What *is* rather nice on the other hand, are the extended shots of Ian’s nuts, jiggling out from underneath his lovers splayed legs, and then later, his thick semi-erect cock flopped down on his stomach as his balls loll about merrily beneath it.

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Yes, the girl who literally makes me want to vomit is EVERYWHERE due to her extended version of her TV show movie about to his theaters today, speaking of which, I found the below review on imbd.com

It’s not really a movie. It’s an expanded TV show. Billy Ray’s daughter tries to act and tries to sing and doesn’t even remotely acomplish either one. All this is is a quick cash-in, a film solely designed to lure tween girls into theaters and get them to spend their allowence money that mommy and daddy have to work two jobs to give to them. The story line is fairly simple-will she be a singer or will she give it up to find true love with a farm boy. Ask me if I care. I’ll give Miley Cyrus some credit. She is a likable actress and does pull off the title role, but thats about it. Personally, I’d rather see the sleazy pictures of her on the ‘net, but you ain’t going to get any of that in this film. Unless you are over 13, into REAL music or rock’n roll, there is absolutely no reason to waste 9 bucks and a trip to the multiplex on this. Stay away, stay very away!

My question is this, How far do you think Miley Cyrus get on American Idol? Would she get passed auditions? Would she get down to the final 5? Or would Simon see her for what she really is, a pretty girl who maybe can act but can’t sing for shit?

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Prayers For Bobby was shown on lifetime on Saturday night and Mark and myself finally got round to watching it.

One work that summarizes this movie is: AMAZING!

The truth can be heartbreaking. Mary Griffith realized this when her son Bobby jumped off of a freeway into oncoming traffic. I just finished watching this movie and I must say… this movie is beyond touching. The acting was fantastic and it’s message was very inspiring. Prayers for Bobby shows the struggles that gay youth and their families can go through, whether that means failing or triumph. This movie not only touches on the issues of homosexuality but also on pushing religion to far on someone, suicide and coming to terms with who you are. Life isn’t always made up of rainbows and butterflies and this movie expresses that without holding anything back.

Sigourney Weaver acting and emotions during the movie were simply beautiful, and she is sure to win a few awards, and Emmy should be one of them.

If you’ve yet to see the movie…make a point to.

And don’t forget to have a box of tissues handy!

Anyways, back to re hydrating myself, this hangover is a killer!

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Its happening! And as SJP says, you may as well milk it for all its worth!

Just after news that Candace Bushnell is writing the prequels to Sex and the City…..

At the DVD release party Thursday night, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, and director/writer Michael Patrick King confirmed a Sex and the City: The Movie sequel!

SJP admitted to milking the brand, saying, “Let’s wring everything we can out of this thing!”

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Now…I’m not sure if this trailer has been released yet…but the footage was recorded at Wondercon this year.

I am so looking forward to seeing Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny working together again!

Check it out HERE!

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