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Simon Cowell put together a cover of R.E.M.‘s “Everybody Hurts” to benefit the Haiti earthquake relief effort.

Leona Lewis, Susan Boyle, Kylie Minogue, Westlife, Robbie Williams and Rod Stewart all appear on the track.

The song will be available for download February 8, 2010 and you can purchase it HERE, HERE or HERE.

Check out the song below.


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Because lets face it, we now have proof that just about anyone can get one, for very little work, remember Obama was nominated when he had only been in office 10 WEEKS!

So, the question is, how do you get one?And more importantly how should WTFBLOG go about getting one!

Broadly speaking, there are three ways to get it:

1. Be a famous humanitarian. This is the obvious approach. It is also the hardest. The Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to Albert Schweitzer, who built hospitals in Africa; to Norman Borlaug, who developed high-yield strains of wheat; to Muhammed Yunus, who devised a new method of giving loans to low-income entrepreneurs; and to the Dalai Lama, who…actually, I’m not sure what the Dalai Lama does, but evidently it impresses a lot of people.

Does your achievement need to be related to peace? It can—as with, say, Linus Pauling, who capped off an impressive scientific career with a crusade against above-ground nuclear testing. But the peace angle isn’t necessary. It isn’t even strictly necessary that your accomplishments be as impressive in practice as they are in your intentions. (You’ll note that Gore has not actually stopped global warming.) The best way to get credit in Oslo is to conduct your humanitarian pursuits while working with some vast global agency. Indeed, if you don’t think you have the chops to, say, revolutionize Third World agriculture, you can always get a Peace Prize the next way:

2. Start an international organization. Or, if you can swing it, be an international organization. Over the years, the Nobel Peace Prize has gone to Amnesty International, Doctors Without Borders, the UN’s International Labor Organization, and the Red Cross. Gore himself will share his prize with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

3. Kill a lot of people, then stop. In 1973, the Nobel Peace Prize was shared by Henry Kissinger and Le Duc Tho. Kissinger’s CV included the “secret” bombing of Cambodia and the “Christmas” bombing of North Vietnam; just a month before his prize was announced, he was complicit in the coup that installed a brutal dictatorship in Chile. So why did he win? Because he and Tho had reached a truce to end the Vietnam War. Tho wasn’t a particularly peaceful man either, but at least he had the common courtesy to refuse the award.

More recently, the prize went to Palestine Liberation Organization chief Yasser Arafat, a man whose career to that point had been spent arranging terrorist assaults on civilians. He shared the award with Israel’s Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin; the three of them, like Kissinger and Tho, had negotiated an end to a war. In this case the peace agreement didn’t hold, and both the state of Israel and various Palestinian groups went on to produce many more corpses. So don’t worry if you develop a taste for blood during the initial stage of your Peace Prize campaign: You’re free to resume killing once Mr. Nobel’s money is safely in your hands.

That someone could be you!

Now….WTFBlog is not known for humanitarian work, well..we do a lot for gay rights, but I don’t think that’s going to cut it. Killing lots of people and then stopping, oh Miley, Britiney, Sarah Palin, Bush, we could start and then stop but WTFBlog would not look pretty in an orange jump suit, it would clash with its adorable pink hair.

Which only leaves one thing…

Start an international organization!!!

Say hello to THE GLIST Organization!

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Yes, the girl who literally makes me want to vomit is EVERYWHERE due to her extended version of her TV show movie about to his theaters today, speaking of which, I found the below review on imbd.com

It’s not really a movie. It’s an expanded TV show. Billy Ray’s daughter tries to act and tries to sing and doesn’t even remotely acomplish either one. All this is is a quick cash-in, a film solely designed to lure tween girls into theaters and get them to spend their allowence money that mommy and daddy have to work two jobs to give to them. The story line is fairly simple-will she be a singer or will she give it up to find true love with a farm boy. Ask me if I care. I’ll give Miley Cyrus some credit. She is a likable actress and does pull off the title role, but thats about it. Personally, I’d rather see the sleazy pictures of her on the ‘net, but you ain’t going to get any of that in this film. Unless you are over 13, into REAL music or rock’n roll, there is absolutely no reason to waste 9 bucks and a trip to the multiplex on this. Stay away, stay very away!

My question is this, How far do you think Miley Cyrus get on American Idol? Would she get passed auditions? Would she get down to the final 5? Or would Simon see her for what she really is, a pretty girl who maybe can act but can’t sing for shit?

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Its been awhile since I’ve posted anything about that skank Miley Cyrus, and I do love getting hate mail about my thoughts on her.

I still think she is the future Britney Spears, as in, shaving of hair, gunshot wedding, kids, rehab, and flashing her cunt to anyone that pays attention to her.

Girl: I love Miley Cyrus, I want to be just like her!
Mother: Sweetie, why would you do that to me? Can’t you just be a stripper instead??

Urbandictionary says the below:

A clingy whore when in comes to being an ex-girlfriend of The Jonas Brother’s Nick Jonas. She always seems to be singing too loudly for everyone’s taste. All her songs are about herself or her fabulous life as Hannah Montana. If all of your friends creepily like her music and her show on Disney Channel, you, as a friend, should be deeply disturbed. You should also feel concerned for your friend’s welfare because too much of Miley Cyrus, might turn them into Miley clones and they might start walking around like skinny little sluts with a ratty wig and bad accents. Please take caution when you listen to her music and/or watch her show.


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How much was the hooker dress?

How much was the hooker dress?

So Miley had her HUGE birthday party at Disneyland last weekend, ya know..that party where people had to pay $250 to attend (ohhhh I wonder if that included booze and food?)  Thankgod for PerezHilton, otherwise I may of missed this!

Anyhoo, a local resident is not happy with Miss Cyrus:

perez, as u probably know the fireworks at disneyland go off at 9:30 on most nights. apparently when u get tons of money for a private paty u get fireworks at 11:30 pm. on a sunday! we thought an explosion went off over there! (we live real close) when the fireworks go off normally they always start small and then esclate. last night it was just BOOM BOOM! and it was very late. most people im sure were in bed getting ready for a tedious work week to try to pay off a home that they may lose, but not miley. she got a fourth of july worthy fireworks show and so did thousands of anaheim residents who had no idea it was coming. love your site..peace!…kevin in anaheim.

So she pissed off the gays (kicked em’ out) and now she’s pissed off the locals…who’s next Oprah Winfrey?

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Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

This has pissed me off…NEVER fuck off your gays! They helped make you, and given the chance they will break you.

We have to admit we were a bit shocked that Miley Cyrus would choose to have her sweet 16 party at Disneyland the same weekend that tens of thousands of gays are scheduled to descend upon the park for the annual Gay Days celebration. Sure, Miley is a bona fide diva-in-training and the 5,000 screaming teenage girls spending $250 each to attend the birthday party probably have similar tastes in music as most of the gays who would be cruising in the hour-long line for Space Mountain, but still, something just didn’t added up. And we were right. It’s now been announced that Disneyland will close early Saturday, October 5, for Miley’s party and the gays will be forced to cavort else where for the evening. It just goes to show that no matter how far we think we’ve come, one 15-year-old with a live mic (errrrr yeah, watever!) gets priority over 30,000 LGBT folks ready to spend their disposable incomes on $22 burgers and $46 rainbow-tinged mouse ears.

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We think he’s rather cute…in a OMG I totally need my hair product kinda way.

The below picture was taken of them on their way to church, CHURCH. Wait..church? Does jeebus approve of Miley’s past nekid pics now or something?

Anyhoo, his name is Justin Gaston, he’s 20 (she’s 15) peedddoooooo! And he’s a former underwear model.

Oh la la!

So Miley, when you are bored of him, send him my way, and tell him to leave that fucking bible at home, I don’t do threesomes!

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