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When I need my daily dose of crazy shit to read, I head over to the National Organization For Marriage’s Facebook page, I mean where else can I see people that are obsessed with gay sex, poop (hi Nick Jones!), and Jesus…all on the same page!

Meet Alida Martinez Zervos, our first “Homophobe Of The Day”, Alida loves to go around saying gay people are not “Normal” and that…if gay marriage was legal..people would want to marry their pets (how original, right?)

And here is what she thinks about us gays, I find it hilarious that she later goes on to  preach that Christians shouldn’t judge, because that’s Gods bidness.


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UPDATE!!! Gay marriages resume on the 18th OFWHOTHEFUCKKNOWS?!

Naturally I say…LET THEM EAT CAKE!

Its official people! Gay people can now get married again in California, however, due to the fact that the 9th circuit could ban it temporarily at any time, my advice would be to…


I expect some wedding invites STAT! lol

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So only the other day myself and my fellow gays were discussing our gay agenda, and lemme tell you, taking over governments, brainwashing children into being homos, and well, destroying the sanctity of marriage, gets boring fast.

However, we are doing so well, we decided to put on a show for planet earth, first of all we thought of using our unlimited resources to put on simultaneous fireworks displays around the globe, but that happens at New Years, then we thought how about the biggest Gay Pride event EVAR!!!,

And then, it dawned on us, lets do something on purely EPIC (I finally got around to using that word! go me!) proportions!

Ladies and gentleman, we give  you…

Solar Tsunami 2010!

Wait….what?! You don’t think we are THAT powerful!

Well, I’m not going to sit here and tell you how stupid you are for thinking that, I am going to let the wonderful people at christwire tell you all about it.

God is once again letting his anger with the gay be known, this time by attacking Earth with a scorching solar tsunami that is schedule to take place at approximately 11:25 pm EST.

Gays are now pushing for more marriage rights, worldwide, with their two new hotspots for petitioning goverment for the rights to conduct their sin-soaked acts under the sham of a gay wedding license being the state of Iowa and the country of Chile.

These two offenses to America and our Christian heritage, even in Chile by way of the Monroe Doctrine, are just another drop in the soiled bucket of offenses that gays have poured all over our culture and lifestyle. They have dirtied the moral fabric of humanity with their sugar-plummed fecal sins and now. Due to this, God has grown so frustrated with their sins that he has scheduled a solar tsunami to take place and show his anger.

We were all already warned. Time and time again, we’ve witnessed God show blatant disapproval of gays and they have angered him so much, he’s made a show of his growing wrath with them. Just over the last few months, gays have upset God so much he has:
* Doomed California for their Fecal Sins
* Flexed his oceanic power to show his anger toward homosexuals
* Used a giant fireball to warn the Midwest to say no go gays
* Became so angry with Guatemala that he opened a massive sinkhole and cast a furious stormy tempest, only hours after they approved gay marriage
* Brought a fiery wrath to Iceland for approving gays

Even after all of these examples of God showing his power to scare us and make us take heed to his will, gays remain resilient little pests and keeping reveling in their little defiant orgies of sulphur scented sins.

The display will take place tonight, starting at around 11:25 pm by estimates by a bewildered NASA, and will go until God sees fit to decrease the Sun’s electromagneticly furious activity of nuclear flames.

Auroras will manifest in the night sky, a cosmic reminder of how small we are to the will of God. The Bible says no to gay marriage and fornication, yet, we have not made being gay illegal. We allow them to continue to push for ‘rights’ while God patiently waits in heaven above. Now, the gays have brought this warning shot from God upon us.

Cameras on board NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory have already recorded massive eruptions and explosions on the Sun’s surface, caused by God. These explosions have hurled mega-tons of plasma — charged gas — straight at Earth. By this point we all know who is shooting that plasma right at us, and who is responsible for Him doing so.

The event is called a coronal mass ejection and hopefully the gays know that when they use their ejectioned satan scepters to dally each other’s backsides, they are just setting the stage to be burned in the hot fires of hell for all time where their entire instistines will be shot up with ejected plasma from the Sun and it will sear, burn and torture for all time!

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The gorgeous people at HuffingtonPost today posted the below fabulous article about NOM, and how well, us gay folks have never been hunted down and murdered, unlike Jews, Christians, and Blacks. The subject matter is shocking enough, whats even surreal is myself and members of Freedom Fighters for Equality witnessed it all get posted, and even better, we have the actual screen shots!

James W Preece, Administrator for NOM, made the below startling and shocking claims: (read from the bottom up)

From HuffPost:

What’s up with the National Organization for Marriage (NOM)?

Not too many people are noticing this, but that organization, started to supposedly “protect marriage” from us so-called evil LGBTs, seems to be going off the deep end in terms of rhetoric.

When it began, NOM cleverly played up the “we are unfairly being called bigots because we simply want to protect marriage” meme. And that was because of the savvy of its founder, Maggie Gallagher.

But now with Gallagher handing the reins of the group to Brian Brown, the organization has abandoned all pretenses of martyrdom and is headed straight for crazy-talk territory.

This was evident when it joined forces in its “Summer for Marriage” tour with one Louis J. Marinelli III, a man who not only cites the discredited work of Paul Cameron, but is also very vocal in the belief that gays want to cause all sorts of mischief from molesting children to creating polygamous relationships.

And if that’s not bad enough, from an administrator of NOM’s Facebook page comes this little “gem:”

(Gays and lesbians) are not being repressed, discriminated against. There is no and never has ever been a homosexual man hunt for them. Jews, Christians, and Blacks were hunted down and murdered. Homosexuals have nothing in common with the three.

Now I could go into a history of the persecution of the LGBT community in places like Nazi Germany or talk about Sakia Gunn, Michael Sandy, or even Matthew Shepard (whose murder was not soley about a robbery no matter what the right says), or the countless number of LGBTs who have lost their lives due to hate but what’s the point?

Sometimes people say things so wildly inaccurate that any comment you want to make is unnecessary.

The statement by NOM is beyond the pale and it further proves what many LGBTs know about that group. NOM is not interested in defending marriage. It’s only interested in bashing LGBTs, but not by physical attacks.

NOM seeks to psychologically bash us.

First the organization tells us that we are not worthy of marriage; that we have no ability to love and raise children; that we are undeserving of anything except for what folks like them feel that they want to give us.

And now with that statement, NOM seeks to rewrite history in a way that eliminates our past struggles for equality in the same manner that the group is also trying to eliminate our potential future happiness.

I think a question by web site Box Turtle Bulletin about the statement on NOM’s facebook page says it all:

Are they completely delusional?

Sadly, I think the answer is yes.

But wait! There’s more!

The National Organization for Marriage has responded to the HuffPost article:

“The Huffington Post on Wednesday falsely attributed statements to the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) about discrimination faced by gays and lesbians. The statements were apparently posted by an unnamed “administrator” of the “Protect Marriage: 1 Man 1 Woman” Facebook account. Huffington Post falsely claims that this is NOM’s Facebook page. The Facebook account on which these statements were reportedly made is not NOM’s Facebook page and neither NOM nor anyone representing NOM made these statements. The Facebook account in question is operated by a private party and NOM does not control what is allowed to be posted on the account, a fact that could have been easily known to Huffington Post had they reached out to NOM to verify the report.

But NOM’s explanation is seriously misleading.

As this link courtesy of Box Turtle Bulletin and Goodasyou proves, the page “Protect Marriage: 1 Man 1 Woman” is associated with NOM. From its Twitter page, NOM is pushing the page as its own.

Furthermore,  Louis J. Marinelli – self identified “NOM strategist” is the general manager of the page.

And one more thing about Marinelli – he is not only participating in NOM’s “Summer for Marriage” Tour, but he is also (wait for it) driving the RV that NOM is using in the tour. We know this because he is so generously giving everyone updates on how the “tour” is going.

So the question here is who are you going to believe? The National Organization for Marriage or your own eyes?

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Crowds assembled in the Plaza del Congreso in Buenos Aires waiting all night for a vote on marriage equality, and then…around 4AM…

I congratulate Argentina on its social progressiveness. Your national leadership had the courage to defy the Catholic church and the powerful influence of the Mormons. I have no doubt they will seek punishment and retribution in one way or another. I only wish America had such courageous leadership. But we don’t, and there is little if any hope of finding such a leader on the horizon.

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about his performance at the AMA’s…

And all I can say is this groups members make the National Organization For Marriage’s members look like Saints.

We all know what Adam did at the American Movie Awards, he did what lots of other performers have done on stage, he simulated sex with someone, only difference though is Adam dared to do it with a man.

Julie Brown

One bigoted narrow minded uneducated redneck by the name of Julie Brown, but wait, I’m not too keen on the name Julie, so I am going to rename you WHORE, was so pissed off by the performance she promptly ran to her computer (and probably left her 5 young kids from different fathers unattended) and created a facebook group and called upon other narrow minded uneducated rednecks to file a complaint with the FCC.

Check out the 1,000,000 to File an FCC Obscenity Complaint Against Adam Lambert group by clicking here.

Now ya know, if the group was just about his performance I would be fine with it, but its not, the entire group is simply about homophobia, you only need to look at the anti-gay photos that WHORE has added to see that, but whats even more worrying is WHORE is so damn blunt about her homophobia, basically every chance she gets she calls gay people perverts and child molesters.

Some of WHORE’s comments are simply hilarious though.

It’s not just homosexuals trying to force their lifestyle upon our children in music but they are also trying to do it in worthless movies and television shows.

Nobody wants this! Maybe we will have to start another group to ban Hollywood and TV shows next

The bitch wants to take away my Desperate Housewives?!

We don’t want to see how two men kiss and then be forced to watch them pretend to give each other a blow job and see them groping each others crotches.

They can do that at their home in a dark closet if they want to act that way.

Yet you are fine with heterosexuals doing it, because thats what Jesus would want right?

Packing another man’s fudge should be a Federal Offense!

She wants us in jail now? OK!

And my favorite!

heres some myths…

MYTH 5: Straight girls like to hang out and shop with homosexuals. This is another Hollywood lie that was made up to make straight guys think they better be nice to gays because stratight girls like to go shopping with them. Nothing could be furthur from the truth. NONE of my girlfriends would even consider going to the mall with a gay dude either to shop or just hangout. Straight girls like macho men, we all want a cowboy.

MYTH 6: Homosexuals get harrassed by guys who are repressing their own homosexual desires. WOW, where do I begin on this one! Yet another LIE made up by the gay community to get straight guys to stop picking on homo’s. They realized that if they placed a mental stigma on a bully to make him and others believe that the bully must be a homo repressing his homosexuality then it would make the bully stop. eople are realizing that this is not true at all even though Hollywood would still like you to believe it. The truth is that straight guys instinctually know when a dude is a homo and will still pick on and bully him. Even more so now since our society has embraced so much violence in movies and video games. This is why you hear about lesbians being murdered in broad daylight and gay dudes being murdered just by walking down the street. Now I know every homo will label this paragraph “hate speech” but it is not, I am just openly discussing the facts and expressing my opinion.

It is because of people like Julie and internet groups like the one she has created, that gay people are killed for simply being who they are, we truly have to make a stand and have ALL hateful groups removed from Facebook. FB doesn’t allow racist groups on their site, so they shouldn’t allow homophobic ones either!

Anyhoo, if you want to help remove this hateful group from Facebook, you can report it by going to the groups page and clicking on report.

Personally, I think Julie has created several anti gay FB profiles, as lots of the people in that group are young females who have the same lack of intelligence, and of course they all look like Julie, aka a WHORE.

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Just in time to kick-off of the holiday shopping season, HRC is releasing our annual buyers guide that rates hundreds of popular American brands on their businesses’ treatment of LGBT employees. “Buying for Equality 2010” divides businesses and their consumer products into red, yellow and green categories based on their score on the HRC Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index, a nationally recognized benchmark of LGBT inclusion. The guide — previous versions of which have been viewed and downloaded more than 300,000 times — is available for download and viewing online at www.hrc.org/buyersguide.

The LGBT community is estimated to have $712 billion in buying power this year, according to research by Witeck-Combs Communications and MarketResearch.com. A recent study by Witeck-Combs/Harris Interactive also found that 78 percent of LGBT people are extremely or very likely to consider brands that are known to provide equal workplace benefits for their employees, including LGBT workers.

Said Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese:

“Congress is currently considering the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, a critical piece of workplace legislation that will include our community. Until all LGBT Americans get fair treatment in the workplace, we must support businesses that support us. By purchasing products from businesses that support LGBT equality, shoppers send a clear message to businesses that their support, or lack thereof, will directly impact their bottom line.”

“From determining which car to purchase, to the right holiday gift for the kids, to everyday grocery shopping, this guide harnesses the power of equality-minded shoppers. At this moment it’s critically important that businesses hear that their customers support businesses that support us,” said Solmonese.

Fair-minded consumers are also encouraged to write to businesses to either thank them for their support, ask them revise their policies, or encourage them to participate in the Corporate Equality Index. More information can be found at www.hrc.org/consumeradvocacy.

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