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So funny! Kudos to the guy that made the below video!

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The below was posted at PamsHouseBlend, I have talked about how we should stop funding the DNC in the past, but now..I’m just plan furious about the Dems, I mean where were they when it came to Maine or Washington State?

My advice is, fuck’em, this is a cilvil rights war, you are either with us or against us, and we don’t take hostages anymore.

Let’s just say that a little leaked email proves LGBTs are seen as the easy gAyTM to the DNC that can be manipulated, ignored, and pickpocketed as mob rule strips us of civil rights without a finger being lifted to help at the eleventh hour. It’s worse — stripping resources at the time of need. I won’t chronicle what John and Adam have detailed quite well, but if you had any reservations about the intentions versus the reality of how games are played with our community, this should clear it up.

I spoke with another DNC official today after my piece on the OFA’s fuckups/refusals to help, and that official told me “Some Mainers inadvertently got the email, but it was not sent to our Maine list.” I was also told that this was a “glitch”, and the quote above confirms that. Okay, one might think, a glitch is your system has a few people with the wrong zip codes in them, so they get a blast meant for someone else. Whoops. Fine. That’s not actually what happened. What happened, per Tobias’ e-mail, is the DNC did a large e-mail blast on this, and wanted to make sure Mainers didn’t get that e-mail, for fear that the gays might find out and ask, how come we didn’t get this kind of help?

It’s kind of like being forwarded a party invite the host doesn’t want you to come to, and when you show up, everyone gets silent and it’s a-w-k-w-a-r-d. The party, in this case, was electoral help, and OFA wanted to make sure people didn’t find out it was being grossly insensitive by not extending an invitation to the gays in Maine. Awesome.

I don’t know about you, but at the very least, it’s a peek at the kind the two-timing that goes on in national politics with constituencies they find “troublesome” or a perceived “liability” (save the $$$, of course). The difference is that the peek inside makes you realize how easily you’ve been had. In the case of LGBTs, it’s a screw job over and over. They don’t mind lying flat out, but catching them with their pants down usually hits a raw nerve.

[T]he DNC has concerns about getting involved in local ballot initiatives? Why? They did it last year under Howard Dean, when they donated $25,000 to the coalition fighting Prop 8’s repeal of gay marriage. President Jimmy Carter did it in 1978, when he came out against the Briggs Initiative, that would have banned gays and lesbians from being teachers in California. But regardless, why does the DNC (and the White House) have a problem getting involved when a core Democratic constituency is having its civil rights taken away by the far-right base of the Republican party? We were promised that this administration would be our fierce advocate. Now all we get are excuses.

Shut the gAyTM down; only give directly to candidates and organizations you believe are truly working in your best interest. Not a penny to the DNC; it’s the only leverage you have as an average citizen. The big donors in our community have to take a stand on this kind of nonsense, otherwise, they are enabling this kind of treatment of our community. It’s party-building at our expense each and every time, as we watch windows of opportunity close. The thought of a halt to the cash flow will stop this BS pronto, if only to make them listen for a goddamn minute before stepping on the gas to run over us again.

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So funny and SO TRUE!

Justice of the Peace Office, Portland Maine
Thursday Morning—8am

“Mornin’, Gladys.”

“Mornin’, Frank.”

“What’s on the schedule today?”

“Marriages, marriages, marriages. You’ve got McGillicutty-Swarthmore at nine.”

“They’re the Satan worshippers, right?”

“Yup, so make sure you’re wearing your flame-retardant jacket, just in case. Then at ten you’re doing Hinkle-Johnson. He’s been divorced six times, she’s been divorced three.”

“Oh, yeah. I did his second, third and fifth, and her first and third. Nice folks.”

“Then we moved Org-Zod, the rapturists, from 12 to 11, since they say the end is coming at noon and they want to be married by the time they go poof.”

“Understandable. ‘There are no singles bars in Paradise!’ Corinthians 3:16.”

“Then at one o’clock you’re heading out to the county jail to marry Carr the crack addict mother of eight and Blankenship the axe murderer before they send him up to maximum security for a hundred years.

Then you’ve got Welch and Nutt at two-thirty. He’s the neo-nazi anarchist and she’s the former nun who got booted for schtupping sixteen priests, two bishops and a cardinal.”

“Great. As long as they love each other…”

“Then at two you’re joining Kettlebaum the porn addict and Ganz the kitten-drowner, and at three you’ll unite Smith the deadbeat dad and Browlowski, who chain smokes in front of her kids.”

“And then the gay couple at four, right?”

“Oh, no, sir! That’s against the law. They’re too unstable for marriage. At four you’ve got Elgar, Formby, Rattenhauser and Ward. He cheated on her, she cheated on him, the other woman and the other man turned out to be husband and wife and now they wanna do the ol’ ‘I Do Switcheroo.'”

“Silly me, I forgot. Okay, let’s get started. Send in the Satan worshippers. We’ve got some institution-of-marriage buildin’ to do. Brick by brick!”

“You’re so sexy when you talk morality, sir. Grrrrowl!

“Ruff! Ruff!”


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It was only a matter of time before I got my perfectly sized hands on this amazing list of losers!

The 2009 Campaign Finance Report for StandForMarriageMaine.com is OUT, and we are very happy to see it, I mean why wouldn’t we?

Have a look by clicking HERE.

Naturally the biggest donors are NOM and the Catholics, but it also lists individuals and more importantly the company they work for (seriously, do they not know what the word BOYCOTT means?)

One of the reasons why I love these reports is that it informs us where we should and should not spend out money, Maine lobster is out, Massachusetts lobster is in.

WeightWatchers, Toyota, Hewlett Packard, Pitney Bowes are just a FEW of the companies that we should boycott.

EVERYDAY I am going to post the name of someone that has donated to Yes One 1, I urge you to contact the company they work for and kindly inform them that they just lost a customer, unless of course, they match their employees donation and give that money to  Protect Maine Equality.

First up isMary K Stawn of Mollies Bed & Biscuit in Maine, who donated $100 to Yes On 1, if you live in Maine, let your friends know to boycott this bigot!, and be sure to leave them a nice review on their yahoo listing page.

814 River Rd
Windham, ME 04062

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You attended the protests last year after Prop 8, now is the time to do it FOR MAINE!!

Join us for a night rally, November 4th! We will know the results of Maine’s “No on 1” ballot proposition, which will dictate whether we celebrate or protest! A New Orleans-style funeral, full of jazz and charisma, will lead us around the march route until we finish in front of “The Black Cat”/Le BarCito, where WE FOUGHT BACK against police raids even before Stonewall!

* Small: http://bit.ly/4lRU89
* Medium: http://bit.ly/2oIrSM
* Large (Printable): http://bit.ly/3x4rNX

* Marquita Thomas
* John Perez
* Father Geoff Farrow
* Eugene Hedlund (Truth & Hope)
* John Henning

Voice of God: Rick Watts

* Equality Network
* Love Honor Cherish
* OUT West
* Courage Campaign
* Allied Women for Equality
* Stonewall Democratic Club

Please let us know your ideas for an action on November 4th!

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Last night before I went to bed, we were in the Lead, I had a smile on my face, I was positive, I had a great feeling about Gay Marriage in Maine…

Fast forward 7 hours later to my boyfriend waking me up saying “Babe, I’m so sorry”.

Seriously, this is like Prop 8 all over again, however…

We lost in Maine but I don’t view it as a total defeat. I know that we have a reason to be angry. The opposition lied, they stooped to underhanded tactics. They used the time honored false implication of “OMG!! the gays are after America’s children.”

But in 2004, we lost a multitude of anti-gay marriage votes by double digits and the momentum was totally against us. Last night, while we did not get all that we wanted in Maine, it was very close. In these votes over marriage equality, the opposition may have crossed the finishing line before we did 31 times but every time we get just a little closer. And let’s not forget that we won in basic non-discrimination rights in Kalamazoo (despite the lies about the transgendered community and bathrooms) and continue to hold the lead in Washington state, which expands the rights of same-sex couples. Not to mention that we now have an openly gay mayor in Chapel Hill, NC. Alvin McEwen.

So I’m truly sorry for the folks who feel that last night was a total loss, who feel that last night is another excuse to sit in front of their computers, engage in pity parties, bring up fond memories of past street protests, or go so far as to make ignorant comments about the physical features of the opponents of equality. Because I refuse to view last night as a loss. Any time that we can stand up and fight and educate people about our rights is never a loss. A good fight was fought by many people and instead of contemplating about what we didn’t get, why don’t we take time out of our day to commend those who devoted time and effort to the cause, the campaign workers, the volunteers, the bloggers – everyone who worked their tail off in pursuit of our equality deserve our praise and our thanks instead of the self-cannibalization that’s sure to come. They deserve a big thank you instead of  “see, I told you so,” or “if I had run the campaign, I would have . . .”

So what do we do now that this election is over? We continue to work for our rights and not just the right of marriage equality.

Despite the tendency of our opponents to make grand prognostications, our spirits may be diminished just a little but our backs aren’t broken. The round may have been lost, but the fight isn’t over yet. View last night as a teaching lesson. Lgbts gaining full equality, including marriage equality, will probably be at times slow and tedious, tiring and time consuming.

There is no place for slackers or armchair warriors or those who get easily tired and discouraged.

If lgbt equality is to be achieved, it’s going to have to be via sweat and toil. There is no other choice. There is no other alternative. There will be no deux ex machina descending from the sky making everything right. There will be no addendums or loopholes. It’s a job that will have to accomplished the hard way because there is no other way.

Don’t get mad, get even.

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Well, ok, technically she’s not.

Last October, two guys in West Hollywood hoisted an effigy of then-vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin on their roof, a Halloween decoration that made national news because 1. Palin was shown in a noose. 2. One of the West Hollywood guys had the first name ChadMichael, and all the media outlets managed to spell his name wrong. Well, it’s nearly Halloween again. And two weeks ago, ChadMichael Morrisette and Mito Aviles, who still live at the house on Fountain and Orange Grove* decorated their roof. “The whole theme is the forces of evil of 2009,” according to Morrisette. Actually, the theme is the fight for gay marriage. On the left: Maggie Gallagher, head of the Institute for Marriage and Public Policy; on the right (hanging from the roof), a bloodied and mangled Carrie Prejean aka Miss California.

More about what’s on the roof this year, according to the pair, who work in the window display business: As noted, there’s a mannequin with a photo of Gallager, President of the Institute for Marriage and Public Policy, an organization that opposes gay marriage. She’s also has the word liar written on her stomach. “The reason that she is naked is that we are exposing her lies,” says Morrissette, who calls her a hypocrite for statements he says that she made about educating children about gay marriage.

Glinda, the good witch, is also on the roof, standing next to a Mormon missionary (he’s stuck in a chimney and on fire). Glinda is there to counteract all the evil of the rest of the characters….including Carrie Prejean, the Miss USA 2009 contestant. She’s the gal who said she believed that marriage should be between a man and a woman–and she’s shown chopped in half and bloodied.

Prejean is a “victim of Gallagher’s,” according to Morrissette, because he says her image has been used by the Institute for Marriage and Public Policy. Still, Morrissette said he “doesn’t know how entrenched” Prejean is with Gallagher’s group.

Last year, the Palin decoration didn’t receive much attention until three weeks after it went up. You’ll recall that some neighbors supported the Palin effigy, some people didn’t care, and some people were so embarrassed that they hung sheets in front of house in an attempt to shield the Palin image from passing cars. And then finally, the guys took the mannequin down.

So far, no neighbors have complained this year. ‘Some people have come by, laughed, and taken photos,” said Aviles.

Politics aside, it’s a little unsettling to see naked, bloody, and violent images of women. At least that’s our opinion–and what we told Morrisette this morning. His reply: “Well, it’s Halloween.”


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