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Well actually, he showed it to some girl who then showed it to EVERYONE!

Portland Trailblazer Greg Oden sent nudie shots out to a selfish (or incredibly generous–depending on how you feel about these things) lady friend who decided to leak them to the interwebs, to add indisputable proof that people who are 7′0″ ft. tall have big d*cks. Cuz I think people had a hard time believing that old myth. It’s too bad he’s not good looking, otherwise I’d totally hit it. Well…let me think about that one….HMMMMMMMMMM.

To see the X RATED pics click HERE.

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Ok ok, I know Halloween was like months ago, but itsn’t the below the most original and simple costume in existence?

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Bravo tells us on-screen that Chef Academy cast member Emmanuel DelCour is a “graphic artist,” and on its web site says he “has acted in commercials and television series and worked as a personal trainer” and “enjoys swimming cage free with Great White Sharks, drawing and graphic design.”

But guess what else he likes to do? Let’s turn to always-reliable Wikipedia’s entry for Jean Val Jean, who’s “the premier straight porn practitioner of analingus on female co-stars.” They are the same person, according to IMDB’s entry for Emmanuel, which details his TV work (most notably an appearance on CSI) and puts his previous career more gracefully, saying he “made a successful cross-over from modeling in straight adult entertainment.”

The show will apparently address this—the season preview shows one of the cast members looking at a computer and saying, “one of our guys is a porn star”—but for now, Dudetube has NSFW screen captures that show “Emmanuel DelCour was prolific straight porn star Jean Val Jean in his past life.” Porn.com has info about Val Jean’s career and clips like one in which he describes how the French determine perfect breast size.

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Possibly! Should I recieve a notice from his lawyers saying “take that shit down” that will be the only confirmation we need!


Could this be HIM?


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TwitPic Becomes Z-List Celeb Answer To Actual Sex Tape

Just a few days after Michael Stipe and friend (below left and middle) leaked semi-scandalous self-pics on guyswithiphones.com, and some serious Z-list celebs have been trying to drum up some publicity in his wake.


No sooner than super-faggy O-Town alum Ashley Parker Angel (above, right) twittered some shirtless pics of himself earlier today, the *actual* Souljah Boy Tell ‘Em (not merely a simulacrum like last time ) had to one-up him by tweeting a pic of his seemingly large hard-on bulge peeking through his Hanes Her Way:

soulja_boy_tellem_gay-porn.jpg (Source: Tabloid Prodigy)

But then to top both in obscurity and nudity would be these leaked cockshots which vaguely resemble John Byrne, the host of the Dirty Dancing Official Dance Workout (which angry Tween reviewers on Amazon lament for being “nothing like the movie” and “very cheesy”):


Is it really him? If it was, would it matter? Either way, he’s kinda cute, right?

To see more naked men, head over to the HotNakedGuysBlog.

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It wouldn’t be a season of Big Brother if a young man didn’t have immodest pictures of himself  floating around on the internet. Last year we had  Jessie Godderz’ nekkid booty, before that we had Crazy James and his gay p**n. This year we have surf  boy Braden Bacha, who gives us a little of both.

And here we have him, in all his glory, little did we know that Braden was in Dantes Cove…

To see more more naked men, head over to the HotNakedGuysBlog.

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Oh fine! I didn’t post anything to do with the Superbowl…but I can and will post some nice revealing pics of Steelers player Santonio Holmes.

Here is the censored picture:

And to see the uncensored pics, click the HERE

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