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One of my friends Michelle, has a room mate who was a victim of this bitch, and thought it would be a good idea to let as many people know about her as possible, just in case she has more victims out there.

Something tells me she is going to be really popular with the ladies in prison!

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (KTLA) — Manhattan Beach detectives tracked down and arrested a woman they say is a prolific identity thief, wanted for crimes in at least three states.

Show me the MONEY!

Police were able to determine the true identity of a woman who called herself “Gia Hendricks,” in an investigation into several reports that she has stolen the identities of others to buy things with their credit cards, according to a news release issued by the Manhattan Beach Police Department. The woman’s real name is Maria Christina Johnson, 40, according to the news release.

“It’s her charm,” said Chris Hainka, Johnson’s husband, who also claims to be among her victims. “She can get anything she wants.”

Hainka met Johnson on the Internet a year ago. They were married in january after dating for eight months. Four months later, Hainka kicked Johnson out after she allegedly stole thousands of dollars from him and his friends.

“I could not believe it,” he said.

Johnson, who is wanted in Oregon and Washington on suspicion of identity theft crimes, often posed as a wealthy person who ran a modeling agency to befriend unsuspecting people before using their identities to gain cash and property, officials said.

Johnson also served a two-year prison stint in Washington for charges similar to the ones she will face in California.

Johnson also allegedly claimed to be associated with the Hendrick Motorsports Racing Team by using her assumed name. Having no known permanent address or vehicle, she would use the people she met to find places to stay, police said.

Last month, a Manhattan Beach resident met Johnson at a bar in Hermosa Beach and took her home, said Mike Rosenberger, detective for the Manhattan Beach Police Department. The following morning, after dropping her off, the man noticed that his credit card was missing. A few days later, he discovered charges totaling about $9,000 on his missing card.

Johnson allegedly bought clothing, shoes and jewelry, spending $2,000 at a clothing store, $700 on a bicycle in Hermosa Beach, and purchased bottle service at 12th and Highland in Manhattan Beach. For a $150 bill at the Strand House restaurant, she tipped $100, Rosenberger said.

While on her shopping spree, Johnson had been staying with another woman in Hermosa Beach. The woman, realizing she may have been a victim of Johnson’s, contacted the Manhattan Beach man, Rosenberger said.

Manhattan Beach police arrested Johnson Tuesday in Hollywood on suspicion of forgery and burglary. She is being held at the Manhattan Beach Police Department jail facility. Her bail was set at $80,000. She has been arrested in the past for identity theft, forgery, theft, bail jumping and fraud.

Johnson is due in court Thursday, where she will likely enter some kind of plea.

Anyone with more information on Johnson is urged to call Manhattan Beach police at 310-802-5127.

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Well that what the assholes at the LAPD seem to think.

All day I have been thinking about what article I should be posting to symbolize the return of WTFBlog, and then I saw James posting something on Facebook, and I remembered his story.

From change.org:

On August 31, 2009 James Hornik was brutally raped by another male in Hollywood, California, as one does when they have being subjected to a crime, he contacted the LAPD assuming that since. he was a, ya know, a tax paying citizen he would be treated like any other person needing help.

Boy was James in for a surprise!

When James asked if he could press charges, the officer simply replied with

“A gay man can’t be raped”

Mr. Hornik was then  treated at Cedars Sinai Hospital but was denied a forensic rape collection kit by the LAPD, whose job it is to issue such kits through their forensic team. If however…James had been a woman with boobs and a pussy, he would of no doubt being taken to the hospital and fully examined.

Which is odd really when according to the California Penal Code, rape is an “act of sexual intercourse or penetration, however slight, which is sufficient to complete the crime“. So why exactly would the LAPD deny him the right to press charges? It makes no fucking sense at all!

James Hornik has been fighting for more understanding and recognition that men (gay or straight) can be raped ever since that muggy night in August of 2009 with very little help at all. He has contacted organizations such as LAMBDA Legal, the ACLU, the NoH8 Campaign and various others only to be denied help and led in circles. Mr. Hornik even filed the proper complaints with the city, county and the LAPD internal investigation team. The LAPD was exonerated from any wrong doing or neglect by the mayor.

So what can you do to help? Well for one thing you can sign the petition that is demanding the LAPD make a formal apology to Mr. Hornik and the citizens of Los Angeles County, this will also hopefully change how they men are treated when they have being affected by rape.

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Well, ok, technically she’s not.

Last October, two guys in West Hollywood hoisted an effigy of then-vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin on their roof, a Halloween decoration that made national news because 1. Palin was shown in a noose. 2. One of the West Hollywood guys had the first name ChadMichael, and all the media outlets managed to spell his name wrong. Well, it’s nearly Halloween again. And two weeks ago, ChadMichael Morrisette and Mito Aviles, who still live at the house on Fountain and Orange Grove* decorated their roof. “The whole theme is the forces of evil of 2009,” according to Morrisette. Actually, the theme is the fight for gay marriage. On the left: Maggie Gallagher, head of the Institute for Marriage and Public Policy; on the right (hanging from the roof), a bloodied and mangled Carrie Prejean aka Miss California.

More about what’s on the roof this year, according to the pair, who work in the window display business: As noted, there’s a mannequin with a photo of Gallager, President of the Institute for Marriage and Public Policy, an organization that opposes gay marriage. She’s also has the word liar written on her stomach. “The reason that she is naked is that we are exposing her lies,” says Morrissette, who calls her a hypocrite for statements he says that she made about educating children about gay marriage.

Glinda, the good witch, is also on the roof, standing next to a Mormon missionary (he’s stuck in a chimney and on fire). Glinda is there to counteract all the evil of the rest of the characters….including Carrie Prejean, the Miss USA 2009 contestant. She’s the gal who said she believed that marriage should be between a man and a woman–and she’s shown chopped in half and bloodied.

Prejean is a “victim of Gallagher’s,” according to Morrissette, because he says her image has been used by the Institute for Marriage and Public Policy. Still, Morrissette said he “doesn’t know how entrenched” Prejean is with Gallagher’s group.

Last year, the Palin decoration didn’t receive much attention until three weeks after it went up. You’ll recall that some neighbors supported the Palin effigy, some people didn’t care, and some people were so embarrassed that they hung sheets in front of house in an attempt to shield the Palin image from passing cars. And then finally, the guys took the mannequin down.

So far, no neighbors have complained this year. ‘Some people have come by, laughed, and taken photos,” said Aviles.

Politics aside, it’s a little unsettling to see naked, bloody, and violent images of women. At least that’s our opinion–and what we told Morrisette this morning. His reply: “Well, it’s Halloween.”


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Look at that face!

This man is Paul Newman. Why is that important? Because he is a great example of what today’s male actors should be. Yes, you could probably name off ten hot guys from current cinema…but Paul Newman had some things that Zach Efron didn’t; class, humility, and integrity.

Paul Newman was one of the sexiest male actors ever, but that was not just because of his intense blue eyes, sultry lips, or masculine demeanor. Newman spent his career doing what he loved and giving so much back to the community. He spent as much energy (if not more) on his charities as he did his acting. His humble nature was something left over from when confidence was quiet and strong, not “in your face”.

He was someone who acted because he loved it, not because he was seeking fame. He was selective of the roles he took, not for career reasons but for the experience he would get out of it.

What major stars do we have today? George Clooney? He seems to come close to what Newman brought to the table, but not quite. Part of the reason is that Hollywood has embraced trash, reality, greed, etc. It doesn’t hold dear those qualities that made stars back in the 40’s and 50’s. The studios did there best to deliver class acts to the television screen, while keeping the dirt under the rug to protect the actors (which in turn protected the studios).

Sex symbols didn’t reveal everything. True talent brought in big bucks. Paul Newman had a great career in my opinion. With his career he brought a certain amount of respect and made the notion of a celebrity something that you really dreamed about. He didn’t need to do anything to be sexy.

This was my moment for Paul Newman. Now where the hell are our celebrities?

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This will be a HUGE slap in the face for McCain, I can’t think of many celebs that are for McShame/Failin.

DENVER (AP) — How does Barack Obama lure wealthy donors to a big-money fundraiser in Hollywood? Bring in Barbra Streisand as the headline performer.

The Oscar-winning singer and actress was to perform Tuesday night on Obama’s behalf in Beverly Hills. It was to be a two-step evening with a reception and dinner costing $28,500 a person followed by a later event featuring Streisand at $2,500 a ticket.

Obama was flying to Los Angeles after an appearance Tuesday morning in a Denver suburb.

The wealthy fundraiser comes on a day when the crisis in the U.S. economy remained an urgent issue for many Americans. Monday’s sharp sell-off left the Dow Jones industrials and the Standard & Poor’s 500 index down by more 4 percent, eroding the value of individual retirement and investment accounts, for example.

Streisand originally backed Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton but switched to Obama when he emerged as the Democratic presidential nominee.

Streisand has been outspoken in criticizing John McCain’s selection of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate on the Republican presidential ticket.

“This calculated, cynical ploy to pull away a small percentage of Hillary’s women voters from Barack Obama will not work,” Streisand wrote on her Web page. “We are not that stupid!”

“I believe John McCain chose Gov. Palin because he truly believes that women who supported Hillary — an experienced, brilliant, lifelong public servant — would vote for him because his vice president has two X chromosomes,” Streisand said. “McCain’s selection of Gov. Palin is a transparent and irresponsible decision all in the name of trying to win this election.”

Obama is financing his presidential race with private contributions after abandoning a pledge to take public financing capped at $84 million. His campaign announced Sunday it had collected $66 million in August, a fundraising record for any presidential candidate in a monthlong period.

By comparison, McCain raised $47 million in August, a personal best for his campaign as well. After claiming the GOP nomination, McCain accepted the $84 million in taxpayer funds allotted the public financing system for the race.


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