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How much was the hooker dress?

How much was the hooker dress?

So Miley had her HUGE birthday party at Disneyland last weekend, ya know..that party where people had to pay $250 to attend (ohhhh I wonder if that included booze and food?)  Thankgod for PerezHilton, otherwise I may of missed this!

Anyhoo, a local resident is not happy with Miss Cyrus:

perez, as u probably know the fireworks at disneyland go off at 9:30 on most nights. apparently when u get tons of money for a private paty u get fireworks at 11:30 pm. on a sunday! we thought an explosion went off over there! (we live real close) when the fireworks go off normally they always start small and then esclate. last night it was just BOOM BOOM! and it was very late. most people im sure were in bed getting ready for a tedious work week to try to pay off a home that they may lose, but not miley. she got a fourth of july worthy fireworks show and so did thousands of anaheim residents who had no idea it was coming. love your site..peace!…kevin in anaheim.

So she pissed off the gays (kicked em’ out) and now she’s pissed off the locals…who’s next Oprah Winfrey?

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This has pissed me off…NEVER fuck off your gays! They helped make you, and given the chance they will break you.

We have to admit we were a bit shocked that Miley Cyrus would choose to have her sweet 16 party at Disneyland the same weekend that tens of thousands of gays are scheduled to descend upon the park for the annual Gay Days celebration. Sure, Miley is a bona fide diva-in-training and the 5,000 screaming teenage girls spending $250 each to attend the birthday party probably have similar tastes in music as most of the gays who would be cruising in the hour-long line for Space Mountain, but still, something just didn’t added up. And we were right. It’s now been announced that Disneyland will close early Saturday, October 5, for Miley’s party and the gays will be forced to cavort else where for the evening. It just goes to show that no matter how far we think we’ve come, one 15-year-old with a live mic (errrrr yeah, watever!) gets priority over 30,000 LGBT folks ready to spend their disposable incomes on $22 burgers and $46 rainbow-tinged mouse ears.

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