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One of my friends Michelle, has a room mate who was a victim of this bitch, and thought it would be a good idea to let as many people know about her as possible, just in case she has more victims out there.

Something tells me she is going to be really popular with the ladies in prison!

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (KTLA) — Manhattan Beach detectives tracked down and arrested a woman they say is a prolific identity thief, wanted for crimes in at least three states.

Show me the MONEY!

Police were able to determine the true identity of a woman who called herself “Gia Hendricks,” in an investigation into several reports that she has stolen the identities of others to buy things with their credit cards, according to a news release issued by the Manhattan Beach Police Department. The woman’s real name is Maria Christina Johnson, 40, according to the news release.

“It’s her charm,” said Chris Hainka, Johnson’s husband, who also claims to be among her victims. “She can get anything she wants.”

Hainka met Johnson on the Internet a year ago. They were married in january after dating for eight months. Four months later, Hainka kicked Johnson out after she allegedly stole thousands of dollars from him and his friends.

“I could not believe it,” he said.

Johnson, who is wanted in Oregon and Washington on suspicion of identity theft crimes, often posed as a wealthy person who ran a modeling agency to befriend unsuspecting people before using their identities to gain cash and property, officials said.

Johnson also served a two-year prison stint in Washington for charges similar to the ones she will face in California.

Johnson also allegedly claimed to be associated with the Hendrick Motorsports Racing Team by using her assumed name. Having no known permanent address or vehicle, she would use the people she met to find places to stay, police said.

Last month, a Manhattan Beach resident met Johnson at a bar in Hermosa Beach and took her home, said Mike Rosenberger, detective for the Manhattan Beach Police Department. The following morning, after dropping her off, the man noticed that his credit card was missing. A few days later, he discovered charges totaling about $9,000 on his missing card.

Johnson allegedly bought clothing, shoes and jewelry, spending $2,000 at a clothing store, $700 on a bicycle in Hermosa Beach, and purchased bottle service at 12th and Highland in Manhattan Beach. For a $150 bill at the Strand House restaurant, she tipped $100, Rosenberger said.

While on her shopping spree, Johnson had been staying with another woman in Hermosa Beach. The woman, realizing she may have been a victim of Johnson’s, contacted the Manhattan Beach man, Rosenberger said.

Manhattan Beach police arrested Johnson Tuesday in Hollywood on suspicion of forgery and burglary. She is being held at the Manhattan Beach Police Department jail facility. Her bail was set at $80,000. She has been arrested in the past for identity theft, forgery, theft, bail jumping and fraud.

Johnson is due in court Thursday, where she will likely enter some kind of plea.

Anyone with more information on Johnson is urged to call Manhattan Beach police at 310-802-5127.

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Does everybody remember what an asshole he was on Top Chef? I guess karma is a bitch, now..I just hope it would hurry up and bite my ex in the ass!

Before making a cooking demonstration at the Festival of Arts on Sunday, Marcel Vigneron of Bravo’s reality show “Top Chef” first stopped at the Laguna Beach jail on Saturday.

Vigneron was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving at 12:45 a.m. Saturday off of Pacific Coast Highway in Laguna Beach, according to Laguna Beach police records.

Laguna Beach police pulled over the reality show star near Vista Del Sol and he was given a blood test when the officer noticed he may have been under the influence, said Sgt. Jason Kravetz of the Laguna Beach Police Department

Vigneron, who was initially stopped on suspicion of speeding, was taken into custody and his bail was set at $2,500.

Vigneron, runner-up on the second season of “Top Chef,” was among the celebrities who attended the Pageant of the Masters benefit gala Saturday.

On Sunday, Vigneron made his scheduled appearance, where he gave a cooking demonstration.

Vigneron, a Las Vegas resident, can still drive a vehicle despite the DUI arrest, Kravetz said. He has 30 days to notify the Department of Motor Vehicles, but authorities here can also notify Nevada officials.


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So the TV show sucked, but this is AWESOME news!

Laguna Beach became the first city in the state of California to oppose Proposition 8 or the Marriage Protection Act in a City Council meeting late Tuesday night.

Proposition 8, drafted for the 2008 California Election Ballot, would limit marriage to only being between a man and a woman if passed, legally prohibiting same-sex marriage.

Mayor Jane Egly and Councilmember Toni Iseman made a jump to bring the opposition before the council as an item in hopes of being the first city in the state to oppose the proposition.

Mayor Egly reminded members of the public present at the council meeting that because of the Brown Act, only two members of City Council may bring an item before the rest of the council, and assured the audience that the entire council supported the opposition.

“I never doubted for a minute – a second – that anyone on this council would not support this,” said Councilmember Elizabeth Pearson.

“I mean this is just who we are,” Pearson continued. “This is one of the things that make Laguna great.”

Councilmember Kelly Boyd became emotional when telling the audience of his great support for the opposition due to the fact that two of his family members are gay and have faced adversity.

All audience members who spoke in the public hearing on the opposition of Proposition 8 supported opposing the limitation and the decision was made unanimously.

As one audience member recounted to the council “It’s such a Laguna thing to do.”


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Frisky sun worshipers are flocking to have sex on the beach in Provincetown – but are sending horrified family vacationers packing, officals said.

Angry Cape Cod National Seashore officials said they are cracking down on public sex acts along the picturesque shoreline after the number of citations for public sex acts more than tripled, from an average ofbeach 40 to 132 last year.

“This is not what we’re interested in seeing,” said George Price, Superintendent of the National Seashore. “Over the last couple of years, public (sex) acts like this have been viewed by visitors.”

Price said officials are baffled as to why the vacation mecca has suddenly become a hotbed of public sex for randy exhibitionists.

“Laws and enforcement have not changed – it just seems to be something that some people decided we want to see,” Price said.

Complaints have included whale-watchers sailing past large groups of nude men, and families stumbling upon people engaged in sex acts on the pristine national shore that attracts tens of thousands of vacationers from throughout the world each year.

One complaint, issued in 2007, was from a New Jersey family walking in the dunes who encountered couples and a large group of men having “sex in the nude, including oral and anal sex right out in the open,” the Cape Cod Times reported last week.


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