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Good morning my dears!!!

And good morning Sandy Lee, I have to say yesterday Sandy, you became quite the star on here, but I can assure you it was not for good reasons, because lets face it, you do come across as a some bitter bitch who’s not seen any action in the while.

But enough about that whore, lets get on with business shall we?

About 5 mins ago I was checking out the sheep (NOM members), I do this because I am extremely worried about their mental well-being, I think they are completely fucking crazy.

Now heres a bit of background, we all know that NOM members think we get those 1200 federal rights when we enter into a gay marriage or civil unions,  but us educated people know that’s not possible because of that nasty law called DOMA, David Friedland suggests if gay people want those damn petty federal laws we should just marry someone of the opposite sex.

Wait, that MAKES SENSE! It’s THAT simple!

However, David…actually I don’t like that name much, lets call you Bambi…

Bambi, there are 2 issues I have with this, and I’m going to make an assumption that other people will too,

1) You want gay people to marry someone of the opposite sex just to get those 1200 + federal rights, not only is that just plain wrong and nasty, that is also…FRAUD!!!

Thats right y’all, not only does Bambi not want us getting married, he also wants us in jail!

2) Marrying someone you do NOT love, have no intention of spending the rest of your life with, never mind sleeping with, would be a fake marriage, which would do nothing to PROTECT the SANCTITY of Marriage which you are so passionate about.

So my fellow readers, here we have another example of how stupid NOM members really are, do I think I’ll find more throughout the course of the day…

You can bet your sodomizing ass I will!

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