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Please don’t worry about the USA being on the verge of bankruptcy and that China now owns our asses, its all a load of bullshit, because the US has cash to burn!!

Because, the Federal Government Has  Funded A New $21 Million Airport for Alaska Town With 46 Residents!!!

That’s comes to a staggering $456521.73 per resident!   KA-CHING!

As of the census[3] of 2000, there were 50 people, 19 households, and 12 families residing in the CDP. The population density was 2.1 people per square mile (0.8/km²). There were 49 housing units at an average density of 2.1/sq mi (0.8/km²). The racial makeup of the CDP was 58.00% White and 42.00% Native American.

There were 19 households out of which 31.6% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 36.8% were married couples living together, 15.8% had a female householder with no husband present, and 36.8% were non-families. 36.8% of all households were made up of individuals and none had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The average household size was 2.63 and the average family size was 3.25.

In the CDP the population was spread out with 36.0% under the age of 18, 8.0% from 18 to 24, 22.0% from 25 to 44, 24.0% from 45 to 64, and 10.0% who were 65 years of age or older. The median age was 34 years. For every 100 females there were 92.3 males. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there were 77.8 males.

The median income for a household in the CDP was $14,583, and the median income for a family was $17,500. Males had a median income of $51,250 versus $33,125 for females. The per capita income for the CDP was $13,143. There were 20.0% of families and 16.2% of the population living below the poverty line, including 25.0% of under eighteens and none of those over 64.

Any thoughts?

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This is just amusing, it is not the first time that this guy has been asked to dance to prove his identity.

JERUSALEM — A performer with the renowned Alvin Ailey dance troupe was ordered to perform steps for Israeli airport security officers to convince them of his identity, a spokesman for the company said Tuesday.

Abdur-Rahim Jackson was singled out from other members of the black American dance ensemble when they arrived at Ben-Gurion International Airport on Sunday night at the start of a six-nation international tour, said publicist Shauli Baskin.

“They stopped him … as he has a Muslim name,” Baskin told The Associated Press. “He told them he was a dancer and was here to dance with the Alvin Ailey dance troupe and they told him, ‘So dance.'”

Jackson could not be reached directly on Tuesday, hours before the first of six scheduled performances in Tel Aviv by the New York-based ensemble. But the Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot, which first reported the story, quoted him as saying that his father had been a convert to Islam and subsequently gave him a Muslim name.

“I demonstrated a few dance steps and after another round of questioning they let me go and join the rest of the group,” he told the paper.

Baskin said that waiting for him in the group was Jackson’s fiancee and fellow Alvin Ailey dancer Olivia Bowman, who has a Jewish mother with family in Israel.

Baskin said that Jackson did not lodge a complaint with airport officials, and the Israel Airports Authority said it had no record of the alleged incident.

Israel is constantly on the alert for attack because of the Israel-Palestinian conflict and extremist Islamic rejection of the Jewish state’s existence. A key element in its security checks is ethnic profiling, criticized by Israeli human rights campaigners as racist because it singles out Arabs for tougher treatment.

Yediot quoted Jackson as saying that the only place he has had a similarly humiliating experience in the past was at a U.S. airport.

“Once, when I returned to the United States after a vacation in the Dominican Republic, the security people put me through a similar investigation and they also asked me to dance,” he told Yediot. “Maybe I should get used to dancing at airports.”


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Damn…this woman must be HOT!!!

An airport terminal in Vladivostok, Russia was evacuated Thursday after a ‘radioactive’ woman set off an alarm.

The woman had just arrived from a flight from Seoul, South Korea when a radiation alarm went off forcing security officers to shutdown the terminal, Interfax news agency reported.

The alarm was eventually called off when officials discovered the source of the scare was the woman. According to the news agency, she had just received radiation therapy.

The woman was released when South Korean doctors confirmed they had treated her with iodine-131, a radioactive isotope used in nuclear medicine, giving her a level of radioactivity 15 times greater than the norm.

“Iodine-131 is a short-lived isotope, so the passenger should be back to normal in a month,” customs spokeswoman at Vladivostok airport told Interfax.

Iodine-131 is used to diagnose and treat cancers of the thyroid gland, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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It’s produced commercially for medical use and industrial uses through nuclear fission. In medicine, iodine-131 comes in the form of capsules or liquid designed to be swallowed by patients, the CDC reported in its Web site.


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