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In Fracking’s Wake

In Fracking’s Wake: New Rules
are Needed to Protect Our Health and
Environment from Contaminated Wastewater
This report combines an evaluation of federal and state laws regulating fracking wastewater with a thorough review, compiled for NRDC by an independent scientist, of the health and environmental risks posed by this high-volume waste stream and the currently available treatment and disposal methods. It finds that the currently available options are inadequate to protect human health and the environment, but that stronger safeguards at the state and federal levels could better protect against the risks associated with this waste. The most significant of the policy changes needed now are (a) closing the loophole in federal law that exempts hazardous oil and gas waste from treatment, storage, and disposal requirements applicable to other hazardous waste, and (b) improving regulatory standards for wastewater treatment facilities and the level of treatment required before…

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Dumb dee Dumb dee Dumb!!

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Hey Joan Schnabel & Jeff Falk of Buffalo Co., WI RE:  FRACKING

First of all, check out this website:  http://www.gaslandthemovie.com/
There are plenty more reputable websites with credible knowledge on
fracking.  Want more?  I’ll send you a HUGE list if you are too “busy”
to research this issue for yourselves.
Do you think I’m screeching now Joan Schnabel, 66 Liberty, 687-8486, or
Jeff Falk, Mr. Thinks He-Knows-It-All?  This is a new blog entry with
other very informative entries on the dangers of SAND & HYDRAULIC FRACKING!
Try researching some time.  You might learn something other than bad mouthing
others (me) who are trying to stop a dire situation from spreading even further
out of control across Wisconsin and Minnesota!  Maybe if the media would start
reporting on real dangers instead of being “censored” by our own federal government,
then we could have a chance at real, sustainable change for…

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Anybody going to wake up and smell the Silica?

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Remember this?

Brian Iverson

Frac Sand Resources Inc.
Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area 
Mining & Metals
  1. Keystone Energy Advisors, LLC
  2. Frac Sand Resources, Inc
  3. Terra Natural Resources LLC
  1. Iverson Real Estate Corp.
  2. Accent Construction, Inc
  1. 2 year at Anoka Ramsey Community College
Do you REALLY think that your two year degree,
so-called expertise on fracking, and desire to
become wealthy at the cost of taxpayers in WI
and MN is going to happen?  I hope you have a
Academy Award-winning group of attorneys to assist
you in the controlled demolition and destruction
of one of the last pristine, non-drilling, non-
blasting areas left in the United States!  Your
Texas team of Ike and Ryan Thomas better know their
fracking business, as they should, since Texas has
been destroyed by Sand and Hydraulic Fracturing or
Fracking!  Is that not why they came up here?  Texas

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