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The Truth About Sand & Hydraulic Fracking! *A MUST-READ*

APRIL 2011


Please read the email conversations further below from bottom to top.
You will see that area-wide SAND FRACKING followed by HYDRAULIC
NOSES!  The public needs to know about what these sneaky businessmen
(many from Texas) are doing or planning to do to OUR environment up
here!  There is overwhelming evidence against the safety of Sand AND
Hydraulic Fracking!  Our environment will be ruined!  Action needs
to be taken to educate the public about the dangers of Fracking,
so they can take appropriate action to stop it!  Please consider
taking immediate action to let our citizens know what is happening/
going to happen!  All information in this email and attached to it

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Some Fracking Advice!

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“Do Buffalo County, WI Residents Know What “Silica” Is?  What About Fracking?” by Johnnie Loeffler Schmeckpeper
Facts from OSHA:
What is crystalline silica?
Crystalline silica is a basic component of soil,
sand, granite, and many other minerals.  Quartz
is the most common form of crystalline silica.
Cristobalite and tridymite are two other forms
of crystalline silica.  All three forms may become
respirable size particles when workers chip, cut,
drill, or grind objects that contain crystalline silica.
What are the hazards
of crystalline silica?
Silica exposure remains a serious threat to
nearly 2 million U.S. workers, including more than
100,000 workers in high risk jobs such as abrasive
blasting, foundry work, stonecutting, rock drilling,
quarry work and tunneling. The seriousness of
the health hazards associated with silica exposure
is demonstrated by the fatalities and disabling
illnesses that continue to occur in sandblasters and

rockdrillers. Crystalline silica has been classifiedas a…

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File this under Greed & Corruption, not too mention Power-hungry!

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This is a problem!  Under Recommendations #1:  Conditional Use Permits!
That is how the frack sand companies move in is by getting CUPs!
Do you honestly think the DNR and EPA are going to keep up with
monitoring?  If you do, then you’ve been fooled like the rest of America!
Schemers, Defrauders, Greedy, Smart But Actually Really Retarded business
guys are getting their foot in the door, then they spread and morph into
Hydraulic Fracturing or Fracking Companies who do the most damage, because they
are being “Federal or State Government Regulated,” therefore not being monitored
Think of it as “Humanity’s Last, Great Gold Rush” if you want to.
Except, this time it’s not panning out for everyone!  The one’s
who admire the immorality of Greed & Power will have the last laugh
until they die, and the world runs quiet for however long it takes
for humans to resurface to a non-toxic…

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Bad news for the 99.999% of us!

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NaturalNews exclusive: US government developing ultimate cyber weapon; Prime-factoring quantum computing makes encryption obsolete

Monday, August 20, 2012
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of NaturalNews.com (See all articles…)

(NaturalNews) The U.S. government is making steady progress on a game-changing technology that would give it the most powerful weapon ever devised in the realm of cyber warfare and information dominance. The weapon is called a “prime-factoring quantum computer,” and a small-scale version of the game-changing technology has already been demonstrated by researchers at UC Santa Barbara, where qubits — quantum bits of computational potential — factored the number 15 into its prime factors three and five.

So what, you say? Can’t any fifth grader do the same thing?

But hold on: Every digital encryption algorithm used today depends in the extreme mathematical difficulty of factoring (the prime numbers of) very large numbers. When you buy something on the…

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Here are some damning articles about Fracking:

Officials in Three States Pin Water Woes on Gas Drilling

EPA Finds Fracking Compound in Wyoming Aquifer
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency finds fracking compounds in
environmental monitoring wells

A Tainted Water Well, and Concern There May Be More

False Promises and Hidden Costs: The Illusion of Economic Benefits from Fracking

The Big Fracking Bubble: The Scam Behind Aubrey McClendon’s Gas Boom
It’s not only toxic – it’s driven by a right-wing billionaire who profits more
from flipping land than drilling for gas

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This Was Sent To Twin Cities Daily Planet:  Local News For Global Citizens:  http://www.tcdailyplanet.net/
I thought you might find this entertainingly interesting at least!  😉  This is a email from me to my county’s board on
their decision to table “fracking” in my area that you covered (see links at end of message) due to me contacting various local/regional news sources to get this story covered for the sake of humans, animals and the environment!  If the environment goes, which it will if they start “Sand Fracking” and/or Hydraulic Fracturing or Hydraulic “Fracking,” there will be nothing left to report!  Human existence is at stake here due to the extremely damaging effects of both types of “Fracking!”  The U.S. Government report attached is legitimate and virus-free.  You can Google it!  Enjoy the read! 🙂
Johnnie Loeffler Schmeckpeper
—– Forwarded Message —–
From: Johnnie Schmeckpeper <jelo1317@yahoo.com>
To: Del Twidt…

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Something to chew on while you are eating your genetically altered, poisonous food:

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I’ve been busy tweeting my *ss off, emailing my legislators, heads of our federal govt. and depts. like the FDA, EPA, etc., and I find myself getting more frustrated by the lack of people to stand up, and say enough with the poisoning and corruption!  “Give us our d*mn country back!”  The only way to achieve this goal at this point in time is to revolt.  A major uprising is waaaaaaay overdue!  I’m an educated individual, and I know that there are many more out there who can tell that we are getting screwed big time by our own govt., larger than large corporations and CEOs with the intent on global monopolization and “crowd control (killing off 90% of us).”  We can write letters, spread the information from coast to coast, but if we do not physically take to the streets in mass, non-violent protests then nothing will be done.

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