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Today’s High-tech, No-touch World

We are living in a constantly evolving world where human contact is becoming more infrequent.  Why is it happening, and what are the consequences?

Technological advances are growing quicker than the human mind can comprehend.  For example, in my younger days it was very common for kids to play games of kickball during the summer, and build snow forts together during the winter.  Of course the snowball fights quickly followed, and everyone involved had a good time.  We laughed, we felt the mind-numbing cold around us, but it did not matter.  We were having fun!

The fun of our youth has been replaced by interactive applications that we now use to contact each other like Facebook and Twitter.  We use cell phones, iPhones, iPads, and ever-increasing smaller products to connect with each other in much more informal ways than ever before!  Think about it:  When was…

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