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This is pretty weird.

Sebastian Errazuriz has come up with the ultimate piece of clothing for those who always sleep through their alarm.

The artist/designer merged together denim and a pair of Converse shoes so all you have to do when you roll out of bed is slip a pair of these on and off you go!

Actually when you think about it, this really isn’t that bad of an idea.

And if you look at it long enough they end up looking like bell bottoms. Kind of.

We just have one question for Sebastian: how do you wash them?

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Wow, kinda harsh, don’t you think?

Dating and social network site BeautifulPeople.com has axed some 5,000 members following complaints that they had gained weight. The members were singled out after posting pictures of themselves that reportedly showed they had put on pounds over the holiday period. The site allows entry to new members only if existing members vote them as sufficiently attractive to warrant it.

The US, the UK, and Canada topped the list of excluded members, The site has always been unrepentant about its selection process, calling itself “the largest network of attractive people in the world”.

The move was reportedly prompted by members themselves, who police the membership of the site to maintain a high – if highly subjective – standard of attractiveness.

“As a business, we mourn the loss of any member, but the fact remains that our members demand the high standard of beauty be upheld,” said site founder Robert Hintze.

Letting fatties roam the site is a direct threat to our business model and the very concept for which BeautifulPeople.com was founded.”

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I don’t know why, but I find this lil box of nothingness rather endearing plus, it’s hard to imagine a more pointless invention – a machine whose sole purpose is to turn itself off.

But this simple wooden box with a switch on top has become an unlikely internet phenomenon. A short video of the machine in action has been watched by close to 300,000 times since it was posted on YouTube less than a week ago. When the switch on the top of the box is flipped, its lid opens and a mechanical lever reaches out to turn the machine off.

It has been dubbed ‘The Most Useless Machine Ever’.

But YouTube users have been tickled by its sheer pointlessness.

One said: “I love this machine! It looks like there’s some cranky robot in there trying to be left alone.”

Another wrote: “This is fantastically great. I love this machine. Priceless.”

Fans have flooded web forums for details of how to get hold of the machine – but it doesn’t appear to be on commercial sale.

An early version of the machine was built by US inventor Claude Elwood Shannon, based on an idea by another American scientist Marvin Minsky.

Shannon kept the invention on his desk to amuse visitors. He called it the Ultimate Machine.

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And we are not surprised!

Avatar‘s continued earnings are proving the staying power of the 3D James Cameron flick!

And surprise, surprise! The numbers are HUGE.

By the weekend’s close, Avatar‘s earnings are projected to be at $350.5 million in North American and $1.05 billion around the world!!

“Mr. Cameron was king of the world but now has dominion over the universe. And he will own the top two slots on the worldwide all-time box office list!” one overly-excited exec at Fox has reportedly said.

Better hurry up on that sequel, Jimmy!

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2009 has been an awesome year here at WTFBLOG, and its thanks to all our gorgeous readers who keep coming back and back, and some not so gorgeous people like the douches that keep threatening to sue my ass for defamation of character and not following though, which trust me, would of gained this blog sooooo much publicity!

I would also like to thank some new friends in my life for making this year better than I possibly thought it could be, Michelle and Eddy, Heidi and Albert,  I think next year we should spend it all together ideally up in the mountains, with a roaring fireplace toasting marshmallows, lovingly looking at several crates of champagne that MUST all be drank before the sun comes up!

And of course, to my future husband Michael, I know I am a bitch to tolerate sometimes but I am so thankful to have you in my life. I love you.

But alas, its time to welcome in 2010 and a new decade, so from me to you, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! And HAPPY HANGOVER!

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