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Thousands of Romanian concertgoers made their displeasure known with Madonna on Wednesday, after the singer paused her show to speak out against the persecution of Gypsies in that corner of Europe. “It’s been brought to my attention that there’s a lot of discrimination against Romani and Gypsies in general in eastern Europe, and that makes me very sad,” she told the crowd of 60,000 in Bucharest. As she spoke, a vocal minority began booing her words. She did not acknowledge the jeers.

When she proclaimed, “We believe in freedom and equal rights for everyone!”, you can actually here people yelling “No!”, however the cheers of approving fans eventually drowned out the grumbling.

Many of the dancers and musicians in Madonna’s show were Gypsies, also known as Roma. According to the Associated Press, there are some 500,000 Roma in Romania, but the real number could total around 2 million. They have long faced prejudice and discrimination in eastern European nations.

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WTF – Every Man Jack!

Every Man Jack is a range of skincare that is sold in most retail outlets including Target, and right now they have a competition goin’ down.

And a good friend of mine is in it, so far in it in fact, he’s one of the FINALISTS!

Let me tell you a lil about Puga, Puga is one of the sweetest guys you could wish to meet, he’s the kind of guy that I guess we all want to have as a friend, sincere, honest, and damn, that boy knows how to drink!

Anyhoo, enough of me yapping on about him, lets get onto what the finalists can win:

Final four:

1 Grand-prize winner:

  • Will be featured in an Every Man Jack ad to appear in Men’s Health magazine
  • Plus all prizes listed below in runner-ups

3 Runners-up:

  • Trip for two to Vegas that includes:
    • – Two nights at Caesars Palace® Las Vegas
    • – Deluxe accommodations
    • – Roundtrip airfare with limo transportation to and from Caesars
    • – Dinner for two
    • – Spa gift certificate
    • – Choice of a golf or show package for two
  • Free EMJ products for one year

8 finalists

  • Local sports or entertainment prize pack
  • Free EMJ products for one year

All entrants

  • One free EMJ product at Target

I really do beleive Puga should win, (I don’t want free cocktails), after reading the bio’s of the other contenders, they all appear to have as much charm and personality as one of Boy George’s cum rags.

So my dear friend, I wish you luck in the competition, and I hope my lil blog can get you more votes!

To vote for Brian, click here, and vote for Brian P (he’s top left)

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Madonna is going to be releasing her Greatest Hits album soon, and that means a couple of new singles.

First up is Celebration, and to be honest with you, I’m still warming up to this song, I’m just not sure if its going to be a hit, but fuck it, it’s Madonna its BOUND to be a hit, she’s not Mariah Carey afterall.

Check out the Paul Oakenfold dub below,what do you think? Will it be a hit or a miss?

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WTFBlog now has it owns facebook fan page!

Show your love for WTFBlog andwell, BECOME A FAN!

Just clikybelow!

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Here is the first look at the new Dieux du Stade Calendar 2010 by Tony Duran! The 10th Anniversary Edition of the calendar will be available September 17th, the PAL-DVD September 28th. We’ll get both shortly after that in the US.

Dieux du Stade Calendar 2010 is covered by Stade France’s blondgod James Haskell, a Brit, who also plays internationally for England.

Stade France promises 47 pages of naked rugby players including Dimitri Szarzewski, Lionel Beauxis, Julien Arias, Mathieu Bastareaud, Simon Taylor, Tom Palmer, Hugo Southwell, Juan Manuel Leguizamon, Maxime Medard, Alexis Palisson, Morgan Parra, Fulgence Ouedraogo, Simon Shaw, Thom and Max Evans, Ollie Barkley, and Steeve Guenot (Olymic Gold Medalist in Greco-Roman wrestling).

The calendar will also contain two large posters commemorating the 217 athlete hotties who’ve gotten naked for the project since 2001!

+ Pre-order Dieux du Stade 2010 Calendar

+ Pre-order Dieux du Stade 2010 DVD (PAL)

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This is just…ummm, I really don’t know what to say about this, is it real? Is it just a joke? Someone sign up and find out!

AdultSheepfFinder, dubbed New Zealand’ s #1 Internet Dating Site, is there to help you find the sheep of your dreams, or maybe just a one night stand.

With AdultSheepFinder you can meet single, sexy sheep in your area at the touch of a button!

Find the right sheep for you from our extensive database and try to arrange with their owners for a sexy encounter!

Explore the erotic lifestyle of millions of sheeplovers through our Nude Sheep Photos ,we even have hundreds of Sexy Webcam Sheep. online everyday!

Nude Sheep Photos? Sexy Webcam Sheep? OKKAAYYYY!

But hang on, is this for sheep? Can sheep use the internet? I am SO confused!

My question is this, who’s going to sign up and report back to me?

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Too funny! And yes, my thoughts on Obama have recently well, not being what they were.

Little less conversation little more action please Mr. Prez.

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