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Its ummmm Sex Tuesday! Well actually its not, I just decided! Anyways, I came across a certain website today while I was doing some “research” and came across the world’s most expensive vibrator.

Developed in Sweden, the Lelo Company thoughtfully engineered this stimulating product. Its bent-egg shape is designed to be compatible with a woman’s anatomy. The Golden Vibrator is splash proof and can be locked to prevent it from being inadvertently turned on in your luggage. It is rechargeable and extremely quiet.

This item is packaged in a custom-made wooden box and includes a charger, a satin carrying pouch, and an instructional booklet detailing the best ways for a woman to use it. The Golden Vibrator is cleverly constructed, pleasing, and chic. At the price of $1500.00, this premium sex toy will seduce and satisfy buyers.

“Imagine how customers will feel when being touched by 18 karat gold,” said President of SexToyParty.com Tom Nardone. “I don’t know if any one material is sexier than others but if I had to pick one it would certainly be gold.”

Check out out HERE.

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British police have made public a stabbing victim’s skull X-ray as they search for two suspects wanted in a horrific bus stop assault last year.

The 15-year-old victim, who was not identified, was stabbed in the forehead last November after he and two other friends tried to stop a robbery at a south London bus stop, the U.K.’s Daily Mail reported. The boy’s friends were also stabbed.

The victim was rushed to the hospital with the kitchen knife still lodged in his head. Doctors said that the teen would have died if anyone tried to remove the knife themselves.

One of the three suspects, who dropped a hat and his cell phone while fleeing, was arrested a short time after the attack. He is to be sentenced next month. His cohorts are still on the loose.

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Gov. Sarah Palin visits a gourmet food shop in Philadelphia Sunday with her daughter Willow.

Gov. Sarah Palin visits a gourmet food shop in Philadelphia Sunday with her daughter Willow. (who's not pregnent yet)

Conservatives are calling on the McCain campaign to stop keeping Gov. Sarah Palin under wraps as the Republican vice presidential nominee continues intense preparations for her debate with Democratic rival Sen. Joe Biden.

Some conservatives were bombarding the campaign with complaints that it is not allowing Palin to be herself on the campaign trail and in the debate, sources within the McCain camp told CNN.
Personally we could not agree MORE.
Let that bitch DIG HER OWN GRAVE! And we all know that it will start on Thursday night with the VP debate!
It will be like a Rottweiler Vs a pitbull, a pitbull with red lipstick and a nice Channel suit. My dear Mrs Failin, a Channel suit is not armor, you will need ALOT more than that.

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Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

This has pissed me off…NEVER fuck off your gays! They helped make you, and given the chance they will break you.

We have to admit we were a bit shocked that Miley Cyrus would choose to have her sweet 16 party at Disneyland the same weekend that tens of thousands of gays are scheduled to descend upon the park for the annual Gay Days celebration. Sure, Miley is a bona fide diva-in-training and the 5,000 screaming teenage girls spending $250 each to attend the birthday party probably have similar tastes in music as most of the gays who would be cruising in the hour-long line for Space Mountain, but still, something just didn’t added up. And we were right. It’s now been announced that Disneyland will close early Saturday, October 5, for Miley’s party and the gays will be forced to cavort else where for the evening. It just goes to show that no matter how far we think we’ve come, one 15-year-old with a live mic (errrrr yeah, watever!) gets priority over 30,000 LGBT folks ready to spend their disposable incomes on $22 burgers and $46 rainbow-tinged mouse ears.

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So I’ve just beEn getting into Heroes and one guy gets my BP up, Indian actor Mohinder Suresh.

Don’t know what it is about him, but damn…he makes me drool!

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The first nationwide search for Mr. Gay Canada took place September 18-21st, 2008 in Vancouver and Whistler, province of British Columbia, Canada. Hosted mostly in the idyllic mountain resort of Whistler the primary purpose of the Mr. Gay Canada (MGC) is to identify leaders who will take responsibility not only in his own community but also on a global stage speaking out for equal rights. Mr. Gay Canada is a positive role model and will work on humanizing being gay and act as an LGBT Tourism Ambassador for Canada.

The Whistler Question reports: “Whistler – North Vancouver’s Darren Bruce was named Mr. Gay Canada last weekend after three days of competition that mostly took place in Whistler. Bruce donned the Mr. Gay Canada vest, embroidered with a crown, at the finals, which took place Saturday (Sept. 20) at Whistler’s Maxx Fish nightclub.

“Besides feeling loved and challenged, it was one of the first times I felt understood,” he said in a statement. “I wanted to call my boyfriend and my parents right away.””


Maybe it’s just me, but is this the best Canada has to offer?

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Thursday night on the very first episode of Survivor: Gabon, contestant Marcus Lehman‘s penis fell out the fly of his underwear (to which he stripped down the moment he set foot in Africa) while he was running during an immunity challenge.

Here are the stills:

And finally…

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