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Hurricane Gustav is quicky approaching US shores and we would just like to say that its down to global warming.

And we thank Bush for that.

For all those in Gustavs path…do the smart thing and get the fuck out of its way.

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WTF – Ugly Award!

Its Friday which means that the weekend is just around the corner! So I simply must do something underhand and nasty before I start having fun!

From now on, every Friday we will give someone an ugly awards!

This week it’s between crappy blogger liltomtom and Mickey Rourke!


And the winner is liltomtom!


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We like a bit of an ass at WTFBLOG…and this one is so purdy!

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Does everybody remember what an asshole he was on Top Chef? I guess karma is a bitch, now..I just hope it would hurry up and bite my ex in the ass!

Before making a cooking demonstration at the Festival of Arts on Sunday, Marcel Vigneron of Bravo’s reality show “Top Chef” first stopped at the Laguna Beach jail on Saturday.

Vigneron was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving at 12:45 a.m. Saturday off of Pacific Coast Highway in Laguna Beach, according to Laguna Beach police records.

Laguna Beach police pulled over the reality show star near Vista Del Sol and he was given a blood test when the officer noticed he may have been under the influence, said Sgt. Jason Kravetz of the Laguna Beach Police Department

Vigneron, who was initially stopped on suspicion of speeding, was taken into custody and his bail was set at $2,500.

Vigneron, runner-up on the second season of “Top Chef,” was among the celebrities who attended the Pageant of the Masters benefit gala Saturday.

On Sunday, Vigneron made his scheduled appearance, where he gave a cooking demonstration.

Vigneron, a Las Vegas resident, can still drive a vehicle despite the DUI arrest, Kravetz said. He has 30 days to notify the Department of Motor Vehicles, but authorities here can also notify Nevada officials.


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AMNT is going to have its first Tranny contestant, ladies and and gents, meet ISIS!

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The news of Ricky Martin becoming a father to twin boys hasn’t been well received by everyone. One leading Latino Catholic cardinal has slammed Ricky for acting without dignity. The Puerto Rican singer recently fathered twin boys, via a surrogate mother, who is rumoured to be a cousin of Ricky’s. The Catholic cardinal of Honduras, Oscar Andres Rodriguez, accuses the singer of going against human dignity,

What Martin did diminishes the dignity of a human being. You can’t just buy or rent life. It’s even worse when someone famous and in the public eye is doing it.

Rodriguez isn’t alone. Mexican talk show host Esteban Arce has also spoken out against Ricky’s choice to be a single father,

I don’t think it’s right to deny children of maternal figures, just because you have a big ego.

Would the church prefer that the kids were placed with PRIESTS?!

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Okies, I’m a fag…and the only way I would dance and mime (awfully I may add) like the guy below, is if I was completely SHITFACED!

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